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Too Good
Too Good Scott Draper
‘Scott is a walking testament to what the human spirit is capable of.’ - Andre Agassi
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All Piss & Wind
All Piss & Wind David Salter
'Salter writes with engaging affection, good humour and knowledge. Nobody tells a yachting yarn better' – Sir James Hardy OBE
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Say It Out Loud
Say It Out Loud Neil McMahon, Adam Sutton
The journey of a real cowboy.
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It's Only A Game
It's Only A Game John Newton, John O'Neill
A behind-the-scenes look at the business and fun of sport from the man who has run the Football Federation of Australia and currently heads the Australian Rugby Union
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What Are The Odds? The Bill Waterhouse Story
What Are The Odds? The Bill Waterhouse Story Bill Waterhouse
The tell-all tale - on and off the track - of a legendary man and his extraordinary family.
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Ella Mark Ella, Bret Harris
The definitive authorised biography of a rugby legend.
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Drop Punts And Torpedoes
Drop Punts And Torpedoes Suzi Petkovski
Classic footy quotes from the glory days of the VFL right up to the 2007 AFL Grand Final
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Bad Boys
Bad Boys Roy Masters
When do the football codes burn brightest? When the fireflies of controversy dance around them. They say best men are moulded out of faults, and, for the most, become much more the better, for being a little bad. Shakespeare, Measure for Measure
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Peter Pan
Peter Pan Jessica Owers
A wonderful, forgotten racing story set in The Great Depression
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Surfari Tim Baker
On the Road meets Endless Summer as Tim Baker, bestselling author of Occy, High Surf and Bustin' Down the Door, embarks on the classic surfing road trip around Australia.
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Brett Lee - My Life
Brett Lee - My Life Brett Lee, James Knight
The much anticipated autobiography of one of cricket’s greatest fast bowlers.
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Be Your Best
Be Your Best Geoff Huegill
The inside story of the greatest comeback in Australian sport. Find out how Geoff Huegill did it and how you too can learn from Geoff and Be Your Best!
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Richo Martin Flanagan, Matthew Richardson
What happens when you put together the AFL’s best-loved player and the game’s best-loved writer?
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The Horse That Bart Built
The Horse That Bart Built Helen Thomas
So You Think's incredible journey.
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Fixed: Cheating, Doping, Rape and Murder – The Inside Track on Australia’s Racing Industry
Fixed: Cheating, Doping, Rape and Murder – The Inside Track on Australia’s Racing Industry Matthew Benns
In this updated version, Matthew Benns takes us back into the murky world of Australian horseracing.
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The House Of The Rising Suns
The House Of The Rising Suns Matthew Webber
This is the story of the group of footballers who took the Gold Coast SUNS' first steps.
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Shannon Jessica Owers
Before Black Caviar, So You Think or Takeover Target, There Was Shannon.
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TC Tom Carroll, Nick Carroll
The long-awaited autobiography of one of Australia's surfing legends.
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Warrior Training
Warrior Training Keith Fennell
All men are not created equal...
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Tales of the Turf
Tales of the Turf Bill Casey
Bill Casey's most popular behind-the-scenes stories of all the great names in racing
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Saturday Afternoon Fever
Saturday Afternoon Fever Matthew Hardy
A footy fan's memoir of a life on the outer looking in.
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Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters
Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters Johnny Warren
A Fascinating account of a great sporting life and an insider's look at the byzantine world of soccer politics. The essential Australian story of the World Game - Bob Carr
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By The Balls
By The Balls Les Murray
The rags to riches memoir of a football tragic.
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