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Fake Stephanie Wood
A powerful, richly layered investigative story for our times, drawing on the personal stories of the author and other women who have been drawn into relationships based on duplicity and false hope.
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The Wife Drought
The Wife Drought Annabel Crabb
Why women need wives, and men need lives
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The Pleasures of Leisure
The Pleasures of Leisure Robert Dessaix
'To play is to be master of your time': Robert Dessaix’s guide to work and play in the twenty-first century.
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Men, Love, Sex
Men, Love, Sex Alan Close
What men really talk about when they talk about love.
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The Prisoner
The Prisoner Kerry Tucker, Craig Henderson
From prisoner to PhD student – how one woman turned her jail sentence into an opportunity
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Good Girls Do Swallow
Good Girls Do Swallow Rachael Oakes-Ash
This book is the sometimes shocking, often blackly funny story of her rollercoaster ride through anorexia, bulimia, bulimarexia, gym-obsession and, finally, recovery.
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Without Reservations
Without Reservations Alice Steinbach
Without Reservations is about a woman's dream come true – taking a year off to travel the world and rediscover what it is like to be an independent woman, without ties and without reservations.
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Dying for a Cure
Dying for a Cure Rebekah Beddoe
A powerful memoir of antidepressants, misdiagnosis and madness.
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Pocket Psycho
Pocket Psycho John Clarke
From the bestselling author of WORKING WITH MONSTERS.
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Fashion Speak
Fashion Speak David Meagher
Interviews with the world’s leading fashion designers.
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100 Great Icons
100 Great Icons Chris Sheedy, Jenny Bond
Fascinating histories of products that have forever imprinted themselves on our cultural identity.
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Sex Lives of Australian Teenagers
Sex Lives of Australian Teenagers Joan Sauers
Ground-breaking and controversial: an Australian Kinsey-for-teenagers
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Stand By Your Man
Stand By Your Man Susan Mitchell
Three powerful and engaging biographies of three former PM's wives - full of intrigue and revelation!
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The Commonwealth Of Thieves
The Commonwealth Of Thieves Tom Keneally
A brilliant recreation of the first four years of white settlement in Australia by Booker Prize-winning author Tom Keneally.
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Searching For Schindler
Searching For Schindler Tom Keneally
A memoir of Tom’s journey around the world to discover the complete story of Oskar Schindler and that list.
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American Journeys
American Journeys Don Watson
A superb book about Don Watson's journeys around America. Featured as one of Newsweek’s 50 ‘What to Read Now and Why’ titles.
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The Wolf
The Wolf Peter Hohnen, Richard Guilliatt
The true story of an epic voyage of destruction in World War One. Now in paperback.
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The Mountain
The Mountain Drusilla Modjeska
'A novel as intricate and powerful as the bark-cloth paintings at its heart' -- Anna Funder
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Poppy Gregor Salmon
Life, Death and Addiction Inside Afghanistan’s Opium Trade
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Navy Divers
Navy Divers Gregor Salmon
The Incredible story of the Australian Navy's elite unit.
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A Room At The Top
A Room At The Top Heath Ducker, Samantha Trenoweth
‘It is unusual to read a story that is so confrontingly real, and yet so profoundly uplifting’ Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
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The Man Who Owns The News
The Man Who Owns The News Michael Wolff
If Rupert Murdoch isn’t making headlines, he’s busy buying the media outlets that generate them.
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The Statute of Liberty
The Statute of Liberty Geoffrey Robertson
Geoffrey Robertson puts forth his case for giving Australians back their rights in his brilliantly argued new book
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