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Mindhunter John Douglas, Mark Olshaker
Mindhunter is a real-life, fascinating insight into the life of a FBI Special Agent, and the minds of the psychologically disturbed serial killers he hunts.
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The Road Less Travelled
The Road Less Travelled M. Scott Peck
One of the key Rider backlist titles, specially chosen for the Rider 100 promotion
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The Benn Diaries
The Benn Diaries Tony Benn
The published diaries of one of Britain's most famous politicians. A fascinating insight into twentieth century British politics.
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Iraq Jeremy Greenstock
The definitive account of Britain's war in Iraq - prohibited from publication when originally written, now fully updated and revised post-Chilcot Inquiry
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The Art of Fire
The Art of Fire Daniel Hume
FIRE - The Untold Story of Mankind's Greatest Discovery Once you've learned the art of stacking NORWEGIAN WOOD; it's time to master the art of FIRE.
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The Shankill Butchers
The Shankill Butchers Martin Dillon
A Case Study of Mass Murder
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The Dirty War
The Dirty War Martin Dillon
'Makes Cold War duplicity a la Deighton and Le Carre seem positively endearing' Guardian
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In The Pink
In The Pink Molly Watson
'A fun, fizzy canter through the rural calendar that sees both girls leave their London jobs, join a hunt, and swap floaty sundresses for hacking jackets' Mail on Sunday
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Perfect Hostage
Perfect Hostage Justin Wintle
Like Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi is an international symbol of heroic and peaceful resistance in the face of oppression
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Nuclear Showdown
Nuclear Showdown Gordon G. Chang
North Korea Takes On the World.
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Sleepers Lorenzo Carcaterra
When friendship runs deeper than blood
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The One That Got Away
The One That Got Away Chris Ryan
The Classic story of the Bravo Two Zero Mission.
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Signature Killers
Signature Killers Robert Keppel, William J Birnes
Interpreting the calling cards of the serial murderer
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The Temple And The Lodge
The Temple And The Lodge Richard Leigh, Michael Baigent
The international bestseller, stunningly repackaged!
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Babytalk Sally Ward
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The Hiram Key
The Hiram Key Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas
Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus
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State of Play
State of Play Michael Calvin
Award-winning author of The Nowhere Men, Living on the Volcano and No Hunger in Paradise returns with his magnum opus on the state of modern football
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Republic of Lies
Republic of Lies Anna Merlan
From 9/11 truthers to white nationalists, this is the inside story of how conspiracy theorists won over America
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