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Reappraisals Tony Judt
A provocative, timely assessment of how 20th century world history was created, and what it means today, by the author of POSTWAR
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Stalin’s Meteorologist
Stalin’s Meteorologist Olivier Rolin
The beautifully illustrated, heartbreaking story of an innocent man in a Soviet gulag, told for the first time in English.
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The Paperclip Test
The Paperclip Test Mario Gmür
A personality test like no other. An entertaining and revealing psychological quiz, using that humblest of office stalwarts - the bent paperclip - to pick the lock of your psyche
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Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think about Art, Pleasure, Beauty and Truth
Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think about Art, Pleasure, Beauty and Truth A. O. Scott
The New York Times chief film critic shows why we need criticism now more than ever
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The Trouble With Women
The Trouble With Women Jacky Fleming
Iconic cartoonist Jacky Fleming returns with her first book in over 10 years
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Human Race
Human Race Ian Mortimer
A thrilling tour of a millenium of human innovation
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How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings
How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings Sarah Cooper
A hilarious tongue-in-cheek guide for women about how to get ahead in the workplace
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And the Weak Suffer What They Must?
And the Weak Suffer What They Must? Yanis Varoufakis
The world-renowned economist and former Greek finance minister presents a devastating critique of how Europe has mishandled the Eurozone crisis, offering concrete reforms for how we can save European capitalism and democracy from itself
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Politics Nick Clegg
A cautionary tale. An exposé. A defence of the centre ground. An appeal to reason. A call to arms. An honest account from the top and bottom of British politics.
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The Meaning of Rice
The Meaning of Rice Michael Booth
Tales from the Belly of Japan **Shortlisted for the 2017 André Simon Food and Drink Book Awards**
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The Inner Life of Animals
The Inner Life of Animals Peter Wohlleben
The mysteries and emotional richness of the animal world revealed as never before, from the author of the Sunday Times bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees.
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Ghosts of the Tsunami
Ghosts of the Tsunami Richard Lloyd Parry
Richard LLoyd Parry uncovers the immediate aftermath and long-term effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011, which resulted in the loss of 18,500 souls.
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Brit(ish) Afua Hirsch
The Sunday Times bestseller that reveals the uncomfortable truth about race in Britain today – and calls for urgent change
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Chronicles of a Liquid Society
Chronicles of a Liquid Society Umberto Eco
The final book from one of Europe's cultural giants: an entertaining collection of essays about the modern world - from unbridled individualism to mobile phones
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Don't Be a Dick Pete
Don't Be a Dick Pete Stuart Heritage
Iron man. Alpha male. Danny Dyer fanatic. Shagger. Meet Pete. He's Stuart Heritage's younger brother. And he's a dick.
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Against Elections
Against Elections David Van Reybrouck
A small book with great weight and urgency to it, this is both a history of democracy and a clarion call for change.
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The Adversary
The Adversary Emmanuel Carrère
A true story of monstrous deception, from France's greatest living writer – 'The story told here is beyond the imagination of even the best crime writer' Sunday Times
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Bike Nation
Bike Nation Peter Walker
A healthier nation. A safer nation. A human-friendly nation… Welcome to Bike Nation.
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Fear and Loathing on the Oche
Fear and Loathing on the Oche King ADZ
Join King ADZ as he immerses himself in the darts world, uncovering a beer-swilled game of precision, debauchery, obsession and grown men dressed as crayons.
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On Tyranny
On Tyranny Timothy Snyder
A controversial, timely intervention in world affairs from one of the most acclaimed historians of the twentieth century
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My Life, Our Times
My Life, Our Times Gordon Brown
This long-awaited, revelatory memoir from Britain’s former Prime Minister offers vital insights into our extraordinary times
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Animals Strike Curious Poses
Animals Strike Curious Poses Elena Passarello
‘It might be the best book on animals I have ever read. It’s also the only one that made me laugh out loud.’ Helen Macdonald, author of His for Hawk
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Bismarck David J Bercuson, Holger H Herwig
A dramatic retelling of one of the key incidents in the Second World War.
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