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Once Were Warriors
Once Were Warriors Alan Duff
A New Zealand classic, this novel is a raw and powerful portrayal of Maori in New Zealand society.
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Blood Men
Blood Men Paul Cleave
A suspense-filled novel from the internationally acclaimed crime writer.
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Frederick's Coat
Frederick's Coat Alan Duff
From the author of the best-selling Once Were Warriors, a powerful story of love between father and son, of contrasting ways of looking at the world and of revenge.
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The Open World
The Open World Stephanie Johnson
A fascinating novel about secrets, finding a home and early colonial New Zealand
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The Day She Cradled Me
The Day She Cradled Me Sacha De Bazin
A fascinating novel based on the life of the infamous baby farmer Minnie Dean, the only woman in New Zealand history ever to be hanged.
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Letters of Frank Sargeson
Letters of Frank Sargeson Sarah Shieff
A rich and riveting record of both literary and social value.
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The Hungry Heart
The Hungry Heart Peter Wells
Shortlisted for the NZ Post Award this fascinating, innovative biography is of a true original and significant figure in NZ's early colonisation.
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Ricochet Baby
Ricochet Baby Fiona Kidman
Perceptive, intelligent and touching, this is a fine novel from one of New Zealand's best writers.
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True Stars
True Stars Fiona Kidman
'It's intelligent, exciting, very well written and a good read.' - Sunday Star
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A Breed of Women
A Breed of Women Fiona Kidman
'Tautly written, often poetic, and dramatic . . . a first-class novel.' - Sydney Morning Herald
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Q & Eh
Q & Eh Laurie Bauer, Dianne Bardsley, Janet Holmes, Paul Warren
Fascinating answers to quirky questions about language
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Sophie's Legacy
Sophie's Legacy Lesley Elliott, William J. O'Brien
The gripping mother's tale of a crime that shocked the nation
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What Was I Thinking
What Was I Thinking Paul Henry
Bestselling hilarious memoir from New Zealand's most controversial media star.
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The Nutters Club
The Nutters Club Mike King
Comedian Mike King and a skilled psychiatrist take a novel approach to issues of mental health.
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Fosterling Emma Neale
A moving, quirky and compelling story
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Little Criminals
Little Criminals David Cohen
A unique and powerful look at a New Zealand experiment in social welfare gone wrong
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A Perfect World
A Perfect World David Cohen
A father explores his son’s autism, and delivers a hopeful message
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Playing Friends
Playing Friends Marilyn Duckworth
Lively, pertinent and honest about the realities of growing older, this thoroughly engaging novel is impossible to put down.
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Settlers' Creek
Settlers' Creek Carl Nixon
A poignant and contentious novel by a rising star of New Zealand literature.
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A Long Road to Progress
A Long Road to Progress Richard Hall
Fascinating dispatches from a Kiwi Commander in Afghanistan.
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The Night Book
The Night Book Charlotte Grimshaw
Shortlisted for the 2011 NZ Post Book Awards this is an unflinching novel on contemporary NZ society.
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Raising Teens Today
Raising Teens Today Ian Lambie, Les Simmonds
Excellent advice for parenting teenagers from a highly experienced psychologist and a counsellor
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Trust Pip Desmond
Extraordinary insight into New Zealand women’s lives with gangs.
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Staying In Love
Staying In Love Robyn Salisbury
How to keep your relationship alive and interesting
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