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The Suffragettes
The Suffragettes Various
This is the story of the women who changed the world, told through speeches, pamphlets, posters, newspaper articles and letters.
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Missing Out
Missing Out Adam Phillips
In Missing Out acclaimed psychoanalyst Adam Phillips delves into the gap between who we are and who we are not, to discover whether not getting what we want may be the unlikely key to the fully lived life.
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In Writing
In Writing Adam Phillips
Britain's pre-eminent psychoanalyst explores the relationship between writing and psychoanalysis - a fascinating and highly unusual series of literary essays.
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Attention Seeking
Attention Seeking Adam Phillips
A short, fascinating introduction to the concept of attention, from Britain's pre-eminent psychoanalyst.
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Stern Justice
Stern Justice Adam Wakeling
While the Nuremberg trials at the end of the Second World War are infamous, as are the atrocities committed by Japan in that conflict, few now remember the trials that prosecuted Japanese personnel for those crimes. Stern Justice recovers this forgotten story in a gripping, powerfully written history of an event that saw Australia emerge as a player on the stage of international law.
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The Making of MONA
The Making of MONA Adrian Franklin
This is an extraordinary tribute to an extraordinary place, one that will allow the MONA effect to resonate for years to come.
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The Pianist of Yarmouk
The Pianist of Yarmouk Aeham Ahmad
A powerful, moving account of life in Damascus, and a story of how the power of music can unite people in the face conflict.
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On the State of Egypt
On the State of Egypt Alaa Al Aswany
The bestselling author of The Yacoubian Building and Chicago turns his attention to current affairs in Egypt.
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Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer
Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer Alastair Panton
A vivid and lyrical memoir of life as an RAF reconnaissance pilot during the Battle of France.
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Pop Art
Pop Art Alastair Sooke
Full of fascinating details about the artists’ lives, and recreating the world they inhabited, this succinct yet all-encompassing new history will make you see the world of the Pop Artists – our everyday world – with fresh eyes.
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The Few
The Few Alex Kershaw
The story of the early days of World War Two - when the future of Britain depended on the Spitfires and Hurricanes of the Royal Airforce's Fighter Command.
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It Alexa Chung
With influences that range from Jane Birkin to Mick Jagger, Alexa Chung is a unique fashion icon. Her first book, It, provides her legion of fans with a long-awaited inside look at her world.
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