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Attention Seeking
Attention Seeking Adam Phillips
A short, fascinating introduction to the concept of attention, from Britain's pre-eminent psychoanalyst.
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The Anatomy Of Violence
The Anatomy Of Violence Adrian Raine
In An Anatomy of Violence Adrian Raine draws on his own scientific research into the brains of murderers, psychopaths and serial killers to give a new perspective on these perennial questions.
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The Map And The Territory 2.0
The Map And The Territory 2.0 Alan Greenspan
With his trademark wisdom and nuance, Greenspan devises a brand new economic map, one that integrates the history of economic prediction, the recent work of behavioural economists and the lessons of his own remarkable career into a framework for understanding this previously uncharted territory.
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On Politics
On Politics ALAN RYAN
This is a book about the answers that historians, philosophers, theologians, practising politicians and would-be revolutionaries have given to one question: how should human beings best govern themselves?
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Refuge Alexander Betts, Paul Collier
An eye-opening account of the migrant crisis which shows why our global refugee regime is broken and how it can be fixed.
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Collective Choice And Social Welfare
Collective Choice And Social Welfare Amartya Sen
Amartya Sen's first great book, out of print for many years, now reissued in a fully revised and expanded second edition
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Winners Take All
Winners Take All Anand Giridharadas
What explains the spreading backlash against the global elite?
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The Promised Land
The Promised Land André Naffis-Sahely
Arresting reports of hardship, hope, 21st-century exile and the open road from a debut poet who has known them all.
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Churchill Andrew Roberts
The blockbuster biography of the greatest Briton, by one of Britain's bestselling historians.
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Reach Andy Molinsky
A guide to finding a way to do the things you fear, from an expert on behaviour in the business world.
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Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine, 1921-33
Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine, 1921-33 Anne Applebaum
Red Famine, a triumph of scholarship and human sympathy, is a milestone in the recovery of those memories and that history.
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Who Governs Britain?
Who Governs Britain? Anthony King
In Who Governs Britain?, King offers the first general overview of the British political system in many years, a fascinating and accessible primer that will provided the much-needed context to the 2015 election.
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