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The Suffragettes
The Suffragettes Various
This is the story of the women who changed the world, told through speeches, pamphlets, posters, newspaper articles and letters.
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Russian Magic Tales From Pushkin To Platonov
Russian Magic Tales From Pushkin To Platonov Alexander Pushkin
'She turned into a frog, into a lizard, into all kinds of other reptiles and then into a spindle'
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The Saga Of The Volsungs
The Saga Of The Volsungs Anonymous Anonymous
These are the great epic stories that inspired J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Conjuring up a twilight world of quests, treachery, magic, evil and fellowship, they are the most ancient narratives from Northern Europe and bring us as near as we will ever get to the origins of Tolkien's Middle Earth. 
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The Five Orange Pips And Other Cases
The Five Orange Pips And Other Cases Arthur Conan Doyle
Witty and fiendishly clever, these tales of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson see the duo solving mysteries in London's foggy backstreets and behind the walls of country houses.
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The Book Of Magic
The Book Of Magic Brian Copenhaver
Brian Copenhaver's wonderful anthology will be welcomed by everyone from those with the most casual interest in the magical tradition to anyone drawn to the Renaissance and the tangled, arcane roots of the scientific tradition.
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The Tain
The Tain Ciaran Carson
The kingdoms of Connacht and Ulster are preparing to do battle with each other. Medb, the sly and envious Queen of Connacht, is on a mission to steal the fabled Brown Bull of Cooley from the men of Ulster.
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Magna Carta
Magna Carta David Carpenter
Magna Carta, forced on King John in 1215 by rebellion, is one of the most famous documents in world history. It asserts a fundamental principle: that the ruler is subject to the law.
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The Making Of The English Working Class
The Making Of The English Working Class E. P. Thompson
E. P. Thompson's revolutionary 1963 account of working-class life re-created the experiences, ideals, rituals and aspirations of those who had been forgotten by history.
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