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Between Friends
Between Friends Amos Oz
In eight interlinked family dramas, master storyteller Amos Oz reveals the secrets and frustrations of the human heart.
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Judas Amos Oz
Amos Oz's first major novel in a decade – since A Tale of Love and Darkness, which sold over 2 million copies worldwide
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Where The Jackals Howl
Where The Jackals Howl Amos Oz
'Oz deserves his high reputation' - Sunday Telegraph
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Scenes from Village Life
Scenes from Village Life Amos Oz
An unsettling portrait of a fictional village from the Israeli master storyteller
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Dirty Faxes
Dirty Faxes Andrew Davies
In this collection of wry, racy stories Andrew Davies writes with a cutting wit and a mastery of the sudden reversal reminiscent of Saki.
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Penguin Lost
Penguin Lost Andrey Kurkov
'A darkly comic and offbeat journey. P-p-p-pick it up!' - Scotsman
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The Gardener from Ochakov
The Gardener from Ochakov Andrey Kurkov
When Igor accidentally travels back to 1957, he finds out that the past isn't as rosy as it seems. In fact it's positively dangerous
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Consolation Anna Gavalda
This second triumphant, spellbinding novel by the enchantress Anna Gavalda was the bestselling French novel in 2008.
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The Tsar of Love and Techno
The Tsar of Love and Techno Anthony Marra
The new book from one of the most prize-winning young writers in the US – nine dazzling interwoven stories about family, sacrifice, the legacy of war and the redemptive power of art
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Dark As My Heart
Dark As My Heart Antti Tuomainen
A Hitchcockian psychological thriller from Finland's top crime writer, about a son's search for the truth about his mother's disappearance
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The Shadow District
The Shadow District Arnaldur Indridason
A thrilling crime novel about old crimes and new consequences, this is the first in a new series by the worldwide bestseller Arnaldur Indridason
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Jar City
Jar City Arnaldur Indridason
'A fascinating window on an unfamiliar world as well as an original and puzzling mystery' - Val McDermid
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Black Skies
Black Skies Arnaldur Indridason
A suspected blackmailer is found murdered in this gripping crime story from the Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger winner, Arnaldur Indridason
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The Shadow Killer
The Shadow Killer Arnaldur Indridason
The second thrilling novel in Indridason's brilliant new series, set in wartime Reykjavík.
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Watching You
Watching You Arne Dahl
A breath-taking thriller with twists you’ll never see coming. The start of a new series from international bestseller Arne Dahl.
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Hunted Arne Dahl
What happens when the cops become the prey?
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The Dumas Club Arturo Peréz-Reverte
In the world of rare books, everything has its price. But when the book is a satanic tract, the trading currency is not money, but life...
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Matters Of Life & Death
Matters Of Life & Death Bernard MacLaverty
The finest short story collection yet from a contemporary master of the form
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