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3 Novels By Cesar Aira (Penguin Essentials)
3 Novels By Cesar Aira (Penguin Essentials) César Aira
Three novellas by one of the most idiosyncratic and unusual international writers today, packaged as an Essential for the first time.
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365 James Robertson
Underpinning all of them are insistent and vital questions: who are we? What are  we doing here? What happens next? And, again and again, Robertson interrogates the matter of what a story is, and why stories are crucial to humans both as individuals and as members of families and wider communities.
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Berta Isla
Berta Isla Javier Marias
A marriage built on lies, a man with many faces, an unpaid debt to the secret service - rich drama from the author of The Infatuations.
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Blood-Drenched Beard
Blood-Drenched Beard Daniel Galera
On learning that his grandfather was murdered, he takes his father's old dog and sets off for the place where it happened, the fishing village of Garopaba.
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Can't And Won't
Can't And Won't Lydia Davis
'Bloomington: Now that I have been here a while, I can say with confidence that I have never been here before.'
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Collected Stories
Collected Stories Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Sweeping through crumbling towns, travelling fairs and windswept ports, Gabriel García Márquez introduces a host of extraordinary characters and communities in his mesmerising tales of everyday life . . .
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Consider Her Ways
Consider Her Ways John Wyndham
The six stories in this second collecton of John Wyndham's short tales continue his exploration of the science fiction staple - what if?
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Dubliners James Joyce
A collection of fifteen stories, evoking the voices and lives that teem in Joyce's vision of his native city
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Embers Sandor Marai
Embers is a masterpiece - an unforgettable story of passion, fidelity, truth and deception.
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For Esme
For Esme J.D. Salinger
In honour of the centennial of J. D. Salinger, Penguin reissues all four of his books in beautiful commemorative hardback.
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In Evil Hour
In Evil Hour Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Only moments later, César is arrested by police who clear the crowds away from the man he has just killed.
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Innocent Erendira And Other Stories
Innocent Erendira And Other Stories Gabriel Garcia Marquez
In the title story of this collection of exotic and mystical tales, Eréndira accidentally burns down her grandmother's house and is forced to pay her relative back with money she earns from prostitution. 
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Killer In The Rain
Killer In The Rain Raymond Chandler
Killer in the Rain collects together eight classic short stories by Raymond Chandler.
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Leaf Storm
Leaf Storm Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Drenched by rain, the town has been decaying ever since the banana company left. Its people are sullen and bitter, so when the doctor - a foreigner who ended up the most hated man in town - dies, there is no one to mourn him.
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Memories Of My Melancholy Whores
Memories Of My Melancholy Whores Gabriel Garcia Marquez
On the eve of his ninetieth birthday a newspaper columnist in Colombia decides to give himself 'a night of mad love with a virgin adolescent'. 
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