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Hippie Paulo Coelho
In his most autobiographical novel to date, Paulo Coelho interweaves adventure, philosophy and the true stories of his own life to give readers an essential book for our time.
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Only the Animals
Only the Animals Ceridwen Dovey
An animal's-eye view of humans at our brutal worst and our creative best, Only the Animals asks us to believe again in the redemptive power of reading and writing fiction.
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Just So Stories
Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling
 Among Kipling's most loved works, the Just So Stories have been continually in print since 1902.
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Metamorphoses Ovid
Erudite but light-hearted, dramatic yet playful, the Metamorphoses has influenced writers and artists throughout the centuries from Shakespeare and Titian to Picasso and Ted Hughes.
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Maigret And The Old Lady
Maigret And The Old Lady Georges Simenon
When a charming elderly widow appeals to him for help, Inspector Maigret travels to a seaside village in Normandy - uncovering a lost fortune and some poisonous family politics.
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Maigret Sets a Trap
Maigret Sets a Trap Georges Simenon
With Paris under siege following a series of murders, Maigret must hatch a cunning plan to lure the murderer out.
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The Man Who Would Be King
The Man Who Would Be King Rudyard Kipling
Rudyard Kipling is one of the most magical storytellers in the English language. This new selection brings together the best of his short writings, following the development of his work over fifty years. 
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Collected Stories: Patricia Grace
Collected Stories: Patricia Grace Patricia Grace
This is one of the finest collections of stories by any New Zealand writer.
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Ribbons of Grace
Ribbons of Grace Maxine Alterio
The best-selling and fascinating novel about New Zealand's first Chinese settlers.
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The Dreams Of Bethany Mellmoth
The Dreams Of Bethany Mellmoth William Boyd
The dazzling new book from one of Britain's best-selling novelists.
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How We Got To Now
How We Got To Now Steven Johnson
Did you drink a glass of water today? Did you turn on a light? Did you think about how miraculous either one of those things is when you did it? Of course not-but you should, and New York Times bestselling author Steven Johnson has. This adaptation of his adult book and popular PBS series explores the fascinating and interconnected stories of innovations-like clean drinking water and electricity-that changed the way people live.
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The Experience Of Pain
The Experience Of Pain Carlo Emilio Gadda
A new translation of Gadda's first novel introduces the work of the great Italian writer to Penguin Modern Classics.
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Maigret's Failure
Maigret's Failure Georges Simenon
Maigret's integrity is called into question when a childhood grudge conflicts with a new case.
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The Way of a Pilgrim: Candid Tales of a Wanderer to His Spiritual Father
The Way of a Pilgrim: Candid Tales of a Wanderer to His Spiritual Father Anonymous
A simple peasant seeks spiritual fulfilment in this apparently artless tale of popular piety.
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Maigret Enjoys Himself
Maigret Enjoys Himself Georges Simenon
During a much-needed holiday Maigret pulls a prank on colleague Janvier.
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Stories Susan Sontag
Complete collected stories from one of the most brilliant & influential writers of the twentieth century.
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On The Bright Side
On The Bright Side Hendrik Groen
The new life-affirming, hilarious and heart-warming fictional diary from the beloved octogenarian and internationally bestselling author.
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Maigret Travels
Maigret Travels Georges Simenon
Maigret investigates the circumstances surrounding the attempted suicide of a countess and the death of a multi millionaire, both seemingly strangers but staying in the same hotel.
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