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The Rip
The Rip Robert Drewe
In this collection of short stories, Robert Drewe applies his forensic powers of observation to the relationships and environments that shape our lives.
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Women of the Outback
Women of the Outback Sue Williams
Drought, flood, harrowing isolation and horrific accidents. . . the Australian outback is no place for a lady. But the women of the Outback are a different breed: tough, resilient and endlessly resourceful.
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All Together Now
All Together Now Monica McInerney
A heartwarming collection of short stories brimming with colour, warmth and humour, from one of Australia's best-loved authors
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Gravel Peter Goldsworthy
Eight brilliant stories by a master of the form, author of the classic 'Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam' and 'The Kiss'
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Pull the Other One: Ripsnorting Aussie yarns
Pull the Other One: Ripsnorting Aussie yarns R.M. Winn
Ryle Winn is the master of the cock and bull tale, and this is a collection of the funniest yarns he's ever heard. 
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The Absent Therapist: Penguin Special
The Absent Therapist: Penguin Special Will Eaves
The Absent Therapist is a book of soundings, a jostle of voices that variously argue, remember, explain, justify, speculate and meander . . . Sons and lovers, wanderers, wonderers, stayers, leavers, readers and believers: 'The biggest surprise of all is frequently that things and people really are as they seem.'
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Fields of White: Penguin Special
Fields of White: Penguin Special Keyi Sheng
From Man Asian Literary Prize nominee Sheng Keyi comes an offbeat and true-to-life tale of the inconstancy of modern life.
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Radish: Penguin Specials
Radish: Penguin Specials Mo Yan
During China's collectivist era in the late 1950s, a rural work team responsible for building an important floodgate receives a strange new recruit: Hei-hai, a skinny, silent and almost feral boy.
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The Kitchen and Other Stories: China Library
The Kitchen and Other Stories: China Library Liu Zhenyun, Hsu Kun, Chi Zijian
Five stories from China’s foremost writers, including Jia Pingwa, Liu Zhenyun and Chi Zhijian, capture the domestic bonds and dramas of people living in modern China today, exploring the challenges and strange graces of life in this vast and complex land.
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Flock of Brown Birds: Penguin Specials
Flock of Brown Birds: Penguin Specials Ge Fei
In this avant garde novella, memory and time are subjective. A writer named Ge Fei retreats to the beautiful solitude of the Waterside to finish his novel inspired by the Revelations of St. John.
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Girl & the Ghost-Grey Mare
Girl & the Ghost-Grey Mare Rachael Treasure
From Australia's favourite rural storyteller, Rachael Treasure, comes this highly anticipated collection of short fiction.  It features stories full of warmth and heart and humour, and with characters as diverse and colourful as the Australian countryside itself.
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Hot Little Hands
Hot Little Hands Abigail Ulman
Hot Little Hands contains nine funny, confronting and pitch-perfect stories about stumbling on the fringes of innocence, and the marks desire can leave. Anya, in her fake-leather sneakers and second-hand clothes, just wants to fit in at her Melbourne school.
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In Bed With
In Bed With Jessica Adams
A naughty collection of fiction provocateur guaranteed to have you blushing
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The High Places
The High Places Fiona McFarlane
Ranging around the world from a remote Pacific island to outback Australia to the tourist haunts of Greece, these stories are written with extraordinary invention, great emotional insight and wry humour. Each one of them is as rich and rewarding as literature can be.
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Girls' Night In: 10th Anniversary Edition
Girls' Night In: 10th Anniversary Edition Jessica Adams
The Tenth Anniversary Edition of Girls' Night In brings together much-loved stories from the previous books by some of the biggest names in women's fiction.
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Poor Folk And Other Stories
Poor Folk And Other Stories Fyodor Dostoyevsky
With their penetrating psychological insight and their emphasis on human dignity, respect and forgiveness, Dostoyevsky's early short stories contain the seeds of the themes that came to his major novels.
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Ward No. 6 and Other Stories, 1892-1895
Ward No. 6 and Other Stories, 1892-1895 Anton Chekhov
A collection of nine of Chekhov's short stories from the middle period of his life
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