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Bad Behavior
Bad Behavior Mary Gaitskill
The bestselling 1988 collection of short stories exploring the inner lives of men and women, ambiguity and unease in relationships, and the cruelty we inflict on one another.
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Berlin Alexanderplatz: PMC
Berlin Alexanderplatz: PMC Alfred Doblin
The great novel of 1920s Berlin life, in a superb translation by Michael Hofmann.
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Berta Isla
Berta Isla Javier Marias
A marriage built on lies, a man with many faces, an unpaid debt to the secret service - rich drama from the author of The Infatuations.
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Botchan Natsume Soseki
'All right, I decided, if I couldn't win tonight, I'd win tomorrow. If I couldn't win tomorrow, I'd win the day after. And if I couldn't win the day after, I'd just have my meals delivered from home and stay right where I was until I did win'
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Cantonese Love Stories: Twenty-five Vignettes of a City: Penguin Specials
Cantonese Love Stories: Twenty-five Vignettes of a City: Penguin Specials Dung Kai-cheung
A collection of twenty-five narrative sketches, Cantonese Love Stories offers an intimate look into the cultural, commercial and romantic milieu of Hong Kong in the 1990s.
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Child of Fortune
Child of Fortune Yuko Tsushima
The dreamlike story of a single mother and her estranged 11-year-old daughter by Yuko Tsushima, the 'archaeologist of the female psyche'.
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Collected Stories
Collected Stories Paul Bowles
In these hauntingly beautiful stories of abandonment and vengeance, extreme situations lead to disturbing conclusions.
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Collected Stories: Patricia Grace
Collected Stories: Patricia Grace Patricia Grace
This is one of the finest collections of stories by any New Zealand writer.
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