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A Crime In Holland
A Crime In Holland Georges Simenon
Outsiders are viewed with suspicion in the small Dutch town of Delfzijl. Maigret, unable to speak the language and a stranger to their strict, church-going way of life, must unearth the sins at the heart of this seemingly respectable community.
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A Hippo Banquet
A Hippo Banquet Mary Kingsley
The fearless, pioneering Victorian female explorer describes dodging elephants and fighting off a leopard with a stool in Africa.
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A Man's Head
A Man's Head Georges Simenon
An audacious plan to prove the innocence of a young drifter awaiting execution takes Maigret through the grey, autumnal streets of Paris. As he pursues the true culprit from lonely docks to elegant hotels and fashionable bars, he confronts the destructive power of a dangerously sharp intellect.
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Botchan Natsume Soseki
'All right, I decided, if I couldn't win tonight, I'd win tomorrow. If I couldn't win tomorrow, I'd win the day after. And if I couldn't win the day after, I'd just have my meals delivered from home and stay right where I was until I did win'
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Chess: PMC
Chess: PMC Stefan Zweig
Stefan Zweig's classic novella of obsession, madness and chess.
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Child of Fortune
Child of Fortune Yuko Tsushima
The dreamlike story of a single mother and her estranged 11-year-old daughter by Yuko Tsushima, the 'archaeologist of the female psyche'.
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Confessions Of A Mask
Confessions Of A Mask Yukio Mishima
The dawning of a young man's homosexual and sadistic desires.
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Confessions Of An Italian
Confessions Of An Italian Ippolito Nievo
Carlo Altoviti,  now an old man, looks back upon his life and turbulent times, as his beloved Italy lurches from conquest by Napoleon to embark on its journey towards unified country.
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Dark Tales
Dark Tales Shirley Jackson
Step into the unsettling world of Shirley Jackson this autumn with a collection of her finest, darkest short stories.
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Demian Hermann Hesse
The first of Hermann Hesse's novels to reflect his new way of thinking about the mind and his interest in the experience of the interior self.
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Dubliners James Joyce
A collection of fifteen stories, evoking the voices and lives that teem in Joyce's vision of his native city
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