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Brave New World Revisited
Brave New World Revisited Aldous Huxley
‘One of the most important books to have been published since the war’ Daily Telegraph
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A Community of Mortals Alexandra Zelman-Doring
Inspiring, revealing, shocking – Alexandra Zelman-Doring's essay on mourning, therapeutic hypothermia and some of the greatest literature written on death.
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Peak Anders Ericsson, Robert Pool
Reveals that all of us can excel at our chosen activities and offers a guide to unlocking our potential
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The Weather Machine
The Weather Machine Andrew Blum
A gripping account of the ingenious minds who gathered together the greatest technological inventions of our species to create a machine that can see into our planet's future with astonishing accuracy
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The Noonday Demon
The Noonday Demon Andrew Solomon
WITH A NEW EPILOGUE BY THE AUTHOR The most affecting, intelligent, important and constructive book on depression there has ever been - a key text by a New Yorker writer who has not only experienced the depths of depression but has researched every aspect of it.
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Descartes' Error
Descartes' Error Antonio Damasio
Crucial reading - New York Times Book Review
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Seven Signs of Life
Seven Signs of Life Aoife Abbey
A beautiful and perceptive memoir that explores the emotional life of an intensive care unit, by a doctor and former writer behind The Secret Doctor blog
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Headhunters Ben Shephard
A thrilling intellectual history and group biography that explores the origins of modern neuroscience at the turn of the twentieth century.
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The Scourging Angel
The Scourging Angel Benedict Gummer
The definitive account of the Black Death in the British Isles.
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The Elegant Universe
The Elegant Universe Brian Greene
An astonishing book which combines great scientific insight and elegant writing to unravel the greatest mysteries of one of our most complex scientific concepts: string theory
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In Patagonia
In Patagonia Bruce Chatwin
VINTAGE VOYAGES: A world of journeys, from the tallest mountains to the depths of the mind
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Invisible Women
Invisible Women Caroline Criado Perez
An exciting and ground-breaking work of journalism and activism about women, and the systemic discrimination caused by a data gap that affects half the population – from an award-winning writer and feminist campaigner, who got a woman on our banknotes and a statue of Millicent Fawcett in Parliament Square
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Hungry City
Hungry City Carolyn Steel
A passionate, important and visionary book about how our cities are fed, and how this affects our lives and our planet
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Birth of a Theorem
Birth of a Theorem Cédric Villani
A passionate story of inspiration, obsession and partnership, as one of the greatest mathematical minds takes us on an imaginative journey through the discovery of a new theorem.
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The Origin of Species and the Voyage of the Beagle
The Origin of Species and the Voyage of the Beagle Charles Darwin
The most important work of modern science now available in Vintage Classics
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Silver Shoals
Silver Shoals Charles Rangeley-Wilson
An idiosyncratic history of our island story told through five iconic fish
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Night Sky
Night Sky Chet Raymo
'Chet Raymo speaks with a voice of sanity that captures wonder; he is one of the best informed and wisest scientists writing for the general public today' Edward O. Wilson
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Too Far From Home
Too Far From Home Chris Jones
An incredible, true-life adventure set on the most dangerous frontier of all — outer space
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The Language of Kindness
The Language of Kindness Christie Watson
The Sunday Times bestselling memoir about nursing and an urgent call for compassion and kindness
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A New Green History Of The World
A New Green History Of The World Clive Ponting
Clive Ponting's bestselling study of man's despoliation of the planet - now completely revised and updated.
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Engineer In The Garden Colin Tudge
Does for genetics what THE BLIND WATCHMAKER did for biology: it explains, it excites, it makes us imagine and think. Nature is the 'garden' of the title; the 'engineer' is the geneticist, far less in control than he or she thinks.
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Between Genius And Genocide
Between Genius And Genocide Daniel Charles
The astonishing story of the first man to fix nitrogen from the air, which led to the mass production of agricultural fertilisers; winner of the Nobel Prize; the creator of chemical warfare; a German patriot destroyed by the Nazis.
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How to Hide an Empire
How to Hide an Empire Daniel Immerwahr
A fresh, spirited and myth-busting history of the Greater United States and its hidden empire, upending the idea of an anti-imperial America.
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The Beautiful Cure
The Beautiful Cure Daniel M Davis
A leading expert introduces the revolutionary new science of the immune system with its break-through medical cures and discusses how stress, sleep and ageing affect our health.
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