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Stalking The Riemann Hypothesis
Stalking The Riemann Hypothesis Daniel Nahum Rockmore
The fascinating story of one of the most elusive theories and the measures to which scientists and mathematicians have taken to solve the mystery.
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The Sports Gene
The Sports Gene David Epstein
An entertaining and thought-provoking examination of the truth behind talent and success.
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Ebola David Quammen
EBOLA: unravelling the the mystery of one of the world's most deadly diseases
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The Chimp and the River
The Chimp and the River David Quammen
In this 'frightening and fascinating masterpiece' (Walter Isaacson), David Quammen explores the true origins of HIV/AIDS.
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Spillover David Quammen
A gripping and timely book about the transmission of highly dangerous diseases from animal to human populations.
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The Last Englishmen
The Last Englishmen Deborah Baker
An engrossing story that traces the end of empire and the stirring of a new world order
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The Naked Ape
The Naked Ape Desmond Morris
'Original, provocative and brilliantly entertaining. It's the sort of book that changes people's lives' Sunday Times
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The Naked Woman
The Naked Woman Desmond Morris
‘An explosive study of the female form’ (Mail on Sunday) in the same vein as Morris’s classic Bodywatching
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Digging Up the Dead
Digging Up the Dead Druin Burch
The gripping unknown story of a surgeon and his world (from grave robbers to the Prince Regent), told vividly from the inside by someone who is himself a young practising physician, who gives us a real insight into medical history and adds his own intimate, modern experience.
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Six Degrees
Six Degrees Duncan Watts
A brilliant, thought- provoking and wonderfully well- written exploration of the new science of networks, showing how the complex interconnectedness of both things and people rules our lives.
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Small Is Beautiful
Small Is Beautiful E F Schumacher
A remarkable classic study of world economies, reissued to celebrate the centenary of E F Schumachers birth.
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Separation E J M Bowlby
`It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of Dr Bowlby's work' - Anthony Storr in the SUNDAY TIMES
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I Contain Multitudes
I Contain Multitudes Ed Yong
A thrilling, witty, genre-busting book on microbes, one of science’s hottest topics, by a debut writer with a huge following.
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Wounded Emily Mayhew
A homage to the courage and determination of the men and women who cared for – and saved the lives of – the hundreds of thousands of British soldiers who were wounded at the Western Front.
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Palaces for the People
Palaces for the People Eric Klinenberg
A transformative new idea for healing social division from one of the world's foremost experts
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Mother Ship
Mother Ship Francesca Segal
A dramatic, moving and life-affirming memoir about motherhood, the NHS and what it means to care
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Ararat Frank Westerman
A brilliant fusion of travel writing with writing about science and religious scepticism.
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Direct Red
Direct Red Gabriel Weston
A rare, original and humane book that will shock you, move you and stay with you long after the last page - a TOP TEN BESTSELLER in hardback
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