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1 Page At A Time
1 Page At A Time Adam J. Kurtz
Each of the 365 prompts in this book will encourage you to draw, write, list, reflect, and share.  This book is your new best friend. 
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15 Million Degrees
15 Million Degrees Lucie Green
One of the world's brightest science stars explains that there's more to the Sun than meets the eye.
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A Rough Ride To The Future
A Rough Ride To The Future James Lovelock
James Lovelock, who has been hailed as 'the man who conceived the first wholly new way of looking at life on earth since Charles Darwin' (Independent), continues in his 95th year to be the great scientific visionary of our age.
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Antifragile Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Tough times don't last. Tough people do.
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Cat Sense
Cat Sense John Bradshaw
John Bradshaw, one of the world's leading experts on animal behaviour, overturns many of the myths surrounding cats to reveal the true nature of our most enigmatic companions: what makes them tick, how they relate to humans (and each other), and what they really need to make them happy.
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Concussion Jeanne Marie Laskas
Taut and gorgeously told, this is the intensely personal story of one man's fight against a multibillion dollar colossus. A man who stood up for what was right, whatever the cost.
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Connectome Sebastian Seung
What really makes us who we are? In this groundbreaking book, pioneering neuroscientist Sebastian Seung shows that our identity does not lie in our genes, but in the connections between our brain cells - our own particular wiring, or 'connectomes'.
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Creation Adam Rutherford
Creation by Adam Rutherford tells the entire spellbinding story of life in two gripping narratives.
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David & Goliath
David & Goliath Malcolm Gladwell
What if everything we thought about power was wrong? What if, in the ancient story of the shepherd boy who topples a giant, David actually had the advantage?
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Digital Minimalism
Digital Minimalism Cal Newport
A new strategy to increase productivity, focus, happiness and creativity through a mindful use of digital technology.
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Einstein's War
Einstein's War Matthew Stanley
How an unknown German and an Englishman on opposite sides of WWI created a scientific revolution.
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Feral George Monbiot
Feral is the lyrical and gripping story of George Monbiot's efforts to re-engage with nature and discover a new way of living. He shows how, by restoring and rewilding our damaged ecosystems on land and at sea, we can bring wonder back into our lives.
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Gastrophysics Charles Spence
Freakonomics for eating: a ground-breaking and tasty book by the world-leading expert in sensory science.
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Gods Of Metal
Gods Of Metal Eric Schlosser
Seventy years after the bombing of Hiroshima, Eric Schlosser's powerful, chilling piece of journalism exposes today's deadly nuclear age. Originally published in the New Yorker and now expanded, this terrifying true account of the 2012 break-in at a high-security weapons complex in Tennessee is a masterly work of reportage. 
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Hands Darian Leader
Human history, modern life and our psychology - all told through the story of how we use our hands.
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Happy City
Happy City Charles Montgomery
What really makes a good place to live? Journeying around the world from Copenhagen to Bogotá, Charles Montgomery shows that living in densely-populated cities can actually make us healthier, saner and happier people. Happy City will change the way you think about urban life. 
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How to Treat People
How to Treat People Molly Case
The hand of a stranger offered in solace. A flower placed on a dead body as a mark of respect. It is these moments of empathy that define us as people.
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In Defence Of Food
In Defence Of Food Michael Pollan
In Defence of Food is his practical call to action – a bracing and eloquent manifesto that will enrich our lives and our palates, and enlarge our sense of what it means to be healthy and happy.
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