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The Hunter's Wife
The Hunter's Wife Katherine Scholes
‘Out of Africa meets White Mischief… a bittersweet, entertaining mix of Hollywood, obsessive love and the unbearable longing for what is not possible.’ Australian Women’s Weekly Book of the Month
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The Rain Queen
The Rain Queen Katherine Scholes
The phenomenal bestseller that won hearts the world over.
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Make Me an Idol
Make Me an Idol Katherine Scholes
Moving from the rugged Tasmanian coast to the ashrams of India and the Himalayan foothills, Make Me an Idol is a beautifully touching story about how to be a mother, and how to live without one.
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The Stone Angel
The Stone Angel Katherine Scholes
'A truly absorbing book filled with secrets and conflicts.' Woman's Day
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The Perfect Wife
The Perfect Wife Katherine Scholes
A breathtaking story about duty and desire, and about following your heart, wherever in the world it may lead you.
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The Lioness
The Lioness Katherine Scholes
‘An incredible saga… a spellbinding book filled with the essence of Africa and soul-searching lessons on motherhood.’ Chronicle
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