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Festival at Rowdean/A Very Special Painting Class (Storycuts)
Festival at Rowdean/A Very Special Painting Class (Storycuts) Elvi Rhodes
Two short stories: a return home from adventures abroad, and a change of heart; and painters notice the finer details.
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Fire Over London
Fire Over London Mary Jane Staples
The wartime blitz hits London - and the Adams family.
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Firebird Iris Gower
The first in her magnificent new Potteries series.
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Five Farthings
Five Farthings Susan Sallis
Troubles lurk beneath the surface of a seemingly peaceful West Country community . . .
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Ghost Of Whitechapel
Ghost Of Whitechapel Mary Jane Staples
The shadow of Jack the Ripper returns to the East End.
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God of Vengeance
God of Vengeance Giles Kristian
The author of the bestselling Raven saga returns to the world of the Vikings with this acclaimed novel of honour and courage, blood feud and revenge - a must-read for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Game of Thrones!
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Going Home
Going Home Val Wood
The past casts its shadow over a quest to find a family's roots.
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Golden Girls
Golden Girls Elvi Rhodes
The magnificent saga of a mother and three daughters who were known as 'The Golden Girls'.
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His Brother's Wife
His Brother's Wife Val Wood
Rescued from poverty…but for better or worse?
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Homecoming Girls
Homecoming Girls Val Wood
A moving tale spanning two continents, from this well-loved author
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Honey's Farm Iris Gower
Honey's Farm is the third book in Iris Gower's powerful Cordwainers series.
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I'll Be Seeing You Margaret Mayhew
An enthralling novel of love and secrets from the far-off days of the second world war
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Katerina's Secret
Katerina's Secret Mary Jane Staples
An exciting romantic adventure from the author of the ever-popular Adams family series.
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King Of Camberwell Mary Jane Staples
The wonderful saga of the Adams family continues - begun in Down Lambeth Way and Our Emily.
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Kingdom's Dream
Kingdom's Dream Iris Gower
A new novel in Iris Gower's powerful Firebird series, set amongst the romantic china potteries of South Wales.
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Leave it to Mavis/Night Flight/Wedding Shoes (Storycuts)
Leave it to Mavis/Night Flight/Wedding Shoes (Storycuts) Elvi Rhodes
Three short stories: a mix-up of dates on the most important of days; Ruth can't find her husband when she really needs him; and what a pair of shoes can do!
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Little Girl Lost
Little Girl Lost Val Wood
A moving story of one woman's struggle to help children in poverty, set around one of Hull's most famous streets, The Land of Green Ginger, from Sunday Times bestseller Val Wood.
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Love for a Soldier
Love for a Soldier Mary Jane Staples
Should she stay loyal to her country, or the man she loves?
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Lydia Fielding
Lydia Fielding Susan Sallis
A gloriously heartwarming novel set in Lorna Doone country
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Madeleine Elvi Rhodes
A young girl tries to escape a life of poverty.
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Manchester Moll
Manchester Moll Emma Hornby
Gritty and page-turning historical saga set in 1860s Bolton and Manchester, perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Rosie Goodwin.
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Matthew And Son
Matthew And Son Ruth Hamilton
Another masterly novel of power and compassion from this exceptional writer.
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Meet the New Caroline Pritchard/The Centre of Attraction (Storycuts)
Meet the New Caroline Pritchard/The Centre of Attraction (Storycuts) Elvi Rhodes
Two short stories: Can a makeover fix everything?; and an artist's annoyance becomes the best thing for his creativity...
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Midsummer Meeting
Midsummer Meeting Elvi Rhodes
A delightful novel of jealousy, love, new beginnings - and amateur dramatics.
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