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Daughters Of Rebecca
Daughters Of Rebecca Iris Gower
The fourth novel in the powerful Firebird sequence by Wales's premier storyteller
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Sweet Rosie
Sweet Rosie Iris Gower
Another breaktaking saga of the romantic pottery industry from Wales's premier storyteller.
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Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher Iris Gower
The second in her outstanding new Firebird series.
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Firebird Iris Gower
The first in her magnificent new Potteries series.
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Sea Mistress
Sea Mistress Iris Gower
Fifth of the Cordwainers series.
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The Shoemaker's Daughter (The Cordwainers: 1)
The Shoemaker's Daughter (The Cordwainers: 1) Iris Gower
The first book in Iris Gower's enthralling series, The Cordwainers.
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Arian (The Cordwainers: 4)
Arian (The Cordwainers: 4) Iris Gower
The fourth book in the Cordwainers series.
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September Starlings
September Starlings Ruth Hamilton
A woman must fight for her future.
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The Oyster Catchers (The Cordwainers: 2)
The Oyster Catchers (The Cordwainers: 2) Iris Gower
The second book in Iris Gower's entralling series, The Cordwainers.
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Echoes Danielle Steel
Against a vivid backdrop of history, Danielle Steel tells a compelling story of love and war, acts of faith and acts of betrayal...and of three generations of women as they journey though years of loss and survival, linked by an indomitable devotion that echoes across time...
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Mirror Image
Mirror Image Danielle Steel
A novel that explores one of life’s most powerful and mysterious relationships - the bond between identical twins.
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Miss Honoria West
Miss Honoria West Ruth Hamilton
The story of an evil and violent woman, who nearly destroys the lives of those about her.
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With Love From Ma Maguire
With Love From Ma Maguire Ruth Hamilton
A wonderful saga set in the cotton mills of Lancashire.
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Nest Of Sorrows
Nest Of Sorrows Ruth Hamilton
A young girl, growing up in a world of constant rejection, is determined to find a life - a world - where she is loved and successful - where people are proud of her.
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A Whisper To The Living Ruth Hamilton
Two very different men help a young girl fight the legacy of her childhood and grow into a strong, beautiful woman.
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Lydia Fielding
Lydia Fielding Susan Sallis
A gloriously heartwarming novel set in Lorna Doone country
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The Pumpkin Coach
The Pumpkin Coach Susan Sallis
The enchanting new bestseller from this greatly loved bestselling author
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The Little Ship Margaret Mayhew
Five children grow up before the war, and meet again at the rescue of Dunkirk.
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Spinning Jenny
Spinning Jenny Ruth Hamilton
Two girls determined to make better lives for themselves.
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After Midnight
After Midnight Susan Sallis
A secret from the past threatens the happiness of a small West Country community
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No Man's Island
No Man's Island Susan Sallis
On a wild and windswept island, the secrets of the past unravel...
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Time Of Arrival
Time Of Arrival Susan Sallis
Love and friendship blossom when strangers are brought together by tragedy.
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The Wild Seed Iris Gower
The sixth in the wonderful Cordwainers series.
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Paradise Lane
Paradise Lane Ruth Hamilton
A powerful, vigorous and richly dramatic story of the people of the north.
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