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Love Notes
Love Notes
Erotic flash fiction compiled as a collection of eight Love Notes.
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Beneath Outback Skies
Beneath Outback Skies Alissa Callen
A captivating rural romance featuring an indomitable young woman determined to save her family farm, and the city-boy who is not all he seems...
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Down Outback Roads
Down Outback Roads Alissa Callen
Down Outback Roads is an enthralling rural love story, about family, community and allowing yourself a second chance.
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Paris Dreaming
Paris Dreaming Anita Heiss
Lauren has no desire to break her man drought but when she takes the dream job in Paris she realises there may be more to life than just work.
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Manhattan Dreaming
Manhattan Dreaming Anita Heiss
From Manuka to Manhattan, Lauren’s going all the way!
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Avoiding Mr Right
Avoiding Mr Right Anita Heiss
Taking a man to Melbourne would be like taking a sandwich to a smorgasbord.
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Not Meeting Mr Right
Not Meeting Mr Right Anita Heiss
"I am deadly, desirable and delicious"... is Alice's mantra as she hilariously negotiates her way throught the rocky terrain of singledom.
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Wanting Mr Wrong
Wanting Mr Wrong Avril Tremayne
Wanting Mr Wrong is an irresistible rom com about a girl who refuses to fall for the man the whole world is in love with.
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Escaping Mr Right
Escaping Mr Right Avril Tremayne
Sometimes Mr Right is Mr Wrong, and Mr Wrong is definitely Mr Right . . .
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Now You're Mine
Now You're Mine Avril Tremayne
East meets west in this exotic and highly sensual love story that will set temperatures soaring. Perfect for fans of E L James and Sylvia Day.
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My Husband’s Sweethearts and The Pretend Wife 2 in 1
My Husband’s Sweethearts and The Pretend Wife 2 in 1 Bridget Asher
A perfect Mother's Day treat! Fans of Jane Green and Marian Keyes will love these two novels from Bridget Asher. Plus My Husband’s Sweethearts has been optioned for a Hollywood film starring Julia Roberts.
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Chanel Sweethearts
Chanel Sweethearts Cate Kendall
From the bestselling authors of Gucci Mamas and Versace Sisters.
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Avery Charlotte McConaghy
Avery is a sweeping, romantic fantasy novel about finding the courage to love against all odds.
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Thorne Charlotte McConaghy
Continuing the epic romantic fantasy series that began with Avery, Thorne is a story of courage, sacrifice and forbidden love.
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Isadora Charlotte McConaghy
What would you do if your sworn enemy was also your soulmate?
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Bet On it
Bet On it Cheryl Adnams
A sizzling rural romance set in the McLaren Vale, with a girl who’s ready for a change and the three brothers who are determined to win her over.
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Chasing the Flames
Chasing the Flames Cheryl Adnams
Sometimes the hottest fire burns with an old flame.
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The Billionaire's Christmas Gift
The Billionaire's Christmas Gift Cheryl Adnams
A deliciously indulgent Christmas novella – take one broken-hearted billionaire, and a woman who wants to save the world, mix in some holiday romance, and you might just get a Christmas miracle.
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The Day We Met
The Day We Met Cheryl Adnams, Vanda Vadas, Avril Tremayne, Sue-Ellen Pashley
Four free, deliciously romantic short stories.
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Lovelorn Claire Andersen
A scintillating love story in the Random Romance series. She has every reason to hate him - so why is her heart telling her to love him?
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Anybody But Him
Anybody But Him Claire Baxter
A deliciously funny rom com from Random Romance. What happens when you fall in love with the man you hate?
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Love on Location
Love on Location Claire Baxter
A deliciously fun rom com about a girl who has big dreams and just can’t stop herself from falling in love.
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Angels at the Table
Angels at the Table Debbie Macomber
International bestselling novelist Debbie Macomber rings in the season with a charming story of love ... and a little angelic intervention.
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