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The Essential Writings Of Christian Mysticism
The Essential Writings Of Christian Mysticism Bernard McGinn
This clear and comprehensive anthology, culled from the vast corpus of Christian mystical literature by the renowned theologian and historian Bernard McGinn, presents nearly one hundred selections, from the writings of Origen of Alexandria in the third century to the work of twentieth-century mystics such as Thomas Merton.
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The Genius Of Judaism
The Genius Of Judaism BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY
Global intellectual celebrity Bernard-Henri Lévy explores the wisdom and beauty of Judaism—and how Jewish ideas of man and God, of history and time, of power, voice, light, liberty, revolt, memory and nature have informed and enriched both Western and Eastern cultures for millennia.
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Walking With Mary
Walking With Mary EDWARD SRI
Now in paperback. Edward Sri looks at the crucial passages in the Bible concerning Jesus’s mother, Mary, and offers biblical insight and practical lessons about the Blessed Mother’s faith and devotion that we can apply in our daily lives.
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