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A Curiosity of Doubts
A Curiosity of Doubts T. L. Uglow
Doubt can wear us down – but it can also help us to grow and create, and change our lives.
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A Gift Of Love
A Gift Of Love Martin Luther King, Jr.
A powerful collection of sermons by Martin Luther King, Jr., published in Penguin Modern Classics for the first time.
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A History Of Judaism
A History Of Judaism Martin Goodman
Ranging from the religion's inception to the many denominations of contemporary Judaism, this book addresses one of the world's great religions on a grander scale than any predecessor.
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A History of the Bible
A History of the Bible John Barton
A uniquely ambitious study of the Bible's creation: how it came to be written, how its contents were selected - and how it really relates to the religions that endorse it.
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A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind
A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind Shoukei Matsumoto
Cleanliness is next to enlightenment. The Japanese bestseller explains traditional techniques that help cleanse not only your house - but your soul.
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A Short History of Christianity
A Short History of Christianity Geoffrey Blainey
With his characteristic curiosity and storytelling skill, Blainey considers Christianity's central place in world history. Will it remain in the centre? As Blainey observes in his eminently readable account, the story of Christianity is one of many ups and downs.
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A Short History Of Decay
A Short History Of Decay E. M. Cioran
Witty and nihilistic essays from one of Central Europe's most remarkable philosophers.
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Against The Double Blackmail
Against The Double Blackmail Slavoj Zizek
The celebrated philosopher returns with a provoking analysis of Europe's crisis. Exposing its real nature, he asks: what is to be done?
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All Things Made New
All Things Made New Diarmaid MacCulloch
All Things Made New shows MacCulloch at his best - learned, far-seeing, sometimes subversive, and often witty.
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Ancient Rhetoric: From Aristotle to Philostratus
Ancient Rhetoric: From Aristotle to Philostratus thomas habinek
A new and original anthology that introduces the use of rhetoric in the classical world, from Aristotle to Cicero and beyond.
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Anecdotes Of The Cynics
Anecdotes Of The Cynics Anon
What makes us happy? For over 800 years the Cynic philosophers of ancient Greece and Rome argued that the answer lay in a simple, self-sufficient life.
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Augustine Robin Lane Fox
'Give me chastity, but not yet', Augustine famously prayed. His intimate spiritual masterpiece, The Confessions, has inspired millions for centuries. Robin Lane Fox's superb biography draws on new sources to give a revelatory portrait of one of the most remarkable and compelling personalities of the ancient world.
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