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A History Of Judaism
A History Of Judaism Martin Goodman
Ranging from the religion's inception to the many denominations of contemporary Judaism, this book addresses one of the world's great religions on a grander scale than any predecessor.
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A History of the Bible
A History of the Bible John Barton
A uniquely ambitious study of the Bible's creation: how it came to be written, how its contents were selected - and how it really relates to the religions that endorse it.
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Against The Double Blackmail
Against The Double Blackmail Slavoj Zizek
The celebrated philosopher returns with a provoking analysis of Europe's crisis. Exposing its real nature, he asks: what is to be done?
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All Things Made New
All Things Made New Diarmaid MacCulloch
All Things Made New shows MacCulloch at his best - learned, far-seeing, sometimes subversive, and often witty.
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Ardor Roberto Calasso
This is the ardor of the Vedic world, a burning intensity that is always present, both in the mind and in the cosmos. With his signature erudition and profound sense of the past, Calasso explores the enigmatic web of ritual and myth that define the Vedas. Often at odds with modern thought, he shows how these texts illuminate the nature of consciousness more than neuroscientists have been able to offer us up to now.
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Augustine Robin Lane Fox
'Give me chastity, but not yet', Augustine famously prayed. His intimate spiritual masterpiece, The Confessions, has inspired millions for centuries. Robin Lane Fox's superb biography draws on new sources to give a revelatory portrait of one of the most remarkable and compelling personalities of the ancient world.
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Beyond Human Nature
Beyond Human Nature Jesse J. Prinz
This is a book about humanity's power to transcend nature; and one that, ultimately, celebrates our differences.
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Brand Luther: How an Unheralded Monk Turned His Small Town into a Centerof Publishing, Made Himself the Most Famous Man in Europe - and Started the Protestant Reformation
Brand Luther: How an Unheralded Monk Turned His Small Town into a Centerof Publishing, Made Himself the Most Famous Man in Europe - and Started the Protestant Reformation Andrew Pettegree
Publishing in advance of the Reformation's 500th anniversary, Brand Luther fuses the history of religion, of printing, and of capitalism—the literal marketplace of ideas—into one enthralling story, revolutionizing our understanding of one of the pivotal figures and eras in human history.
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Chinese Thought
Chinese Thought Roel Sterckx
An engrossing history of Chinese philosophy and culture from an eminent Cambridge professor.
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Christendom Destroyed
Christendom Destroyed Mark Greengrass
The years following the Reformation were a time of tumultuous change, as Europe was torn apart. Christendom Destroyed is the rich, compelling history of an era that saw spiritual and intellectual upheaval, savage wars and revolution, yet also the birth of Europe as we know it. 
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Discipline And Punish
Discipline And Punish Michel Foucault
In the Middle Ages there were gaols and dungeons, but punishment was for the most part a spectacle.
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Down Girl
Down Girl Kate Manne
'Fiercely argued and timely' (New Yorker), this is a must-read for the #MeToo era from a rising star philosopher.
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Event: Philosophy in Transit
Event: Philosophy in Transit Slavoj Zizek
Drawing on references from Plato to arthouse cinema, the Big Bang to Buddhism, Event is a journey into philosophy at its most exciting and elementary.
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First Confession
First Confession Chris Patten
The acclaimed memoir by the bestselling author and the best politician-writer since Alan Clark.
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From Bacteria To Bach And Back
From Bacteria To Bach And Back Daniel C. Dennett
One of the world's most original and provocative thinkers offers a major new account of the origins of the conscious mind.
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