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Duty Robert Gates
From the former secretary of defense, a strikingly candid, vivid account of serving Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Double Down
Double Down John Heilemann, Mark Halperin
From the authors of the number one New York Times bestseller Game Change, an explosive account of the 2012 presidential election
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Music: The Business - 6th Edition
Music: The Business - 6th Edition Ann Harrison
The music industry bible, the essential guide to the law and the deals.
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More Human
More Human Steve Hilton, Jason Bade, Scott Bade
In this fully revised and updated Sunday Times bestseller, Steve Hilton shows that we can create a more local, more accountable, more human way of living that will make us more productive, more fulfilled and ultimately happier.
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Alter Egos
Alter Egos Mark Landler
What created the foreign policy that Trump will inherit – and what it means for the rest of us
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Music: The Business (7th edition)
Music: The Business (7th edition) Ann Harrison
The music industry bible, the essential guide to the law and the deals.
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Insane Clown President
Insane Clown President Matt Taibbi
'The best polemic journalist in America' on the crazy world of contemporary American politics.
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I Can't Breathe
I Can't Breathe Matt Taibbi
The incredible story of the death of Eric Garner, the birth of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement and the new faultlines of race, protest, policing and the power of people.
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Dark Lady
Dark Lady Charles Higham
The tempestuous life of controversial American society girl and mother of Winston Churchill, Jennie Jerome
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Gaunty's Best of British
Gaunty's Best of British Jon Gaunt
A brilliant guide to what makes Britain so special from one of its most entertaining broadcasters
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Headspace Amber Marks
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Codename: Renegade
Codename: Renegade Richard Wolffe
The paperback edition of the New York Times bestselling account of Barack Obama's gripping election campaign
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Making A Killing
Making A Killing James Ashcroft
Repackaged edition of this controversial, action-packed account of the life of a private soldier on the Iraqi frontline
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Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela Richard Stengel
Inspirational wisdom from the late Nelson Mandela
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Decision Points
Decision Points George W. Bush
President George W. Bush describes the critical decisions of his presidency and personal life.
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The Future
The Future Al Gore
The Nobel Prize-winning and bestselling author of An Inconvenient Truth and The Assault on Reason, returns with a new book
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Black Edge
Black Edge Sheelah Kolhatkar
A New York Times Bestseller, the real story of Damian Lewis’s character in BILLIONS: The rise and fall of Steven Cohen and the largest insider trading investigation in the history of Wall Street.
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Give People Money
Give People Money Annie Lowrey
A brilliant, global look at Universal Basic Income - a regular payment given to everyone - and why it might be the answer to poverty, inequality and the rise of the robots
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Let Her Fly
Let Her Fly Ziauddin Yousafzai, Louise Carpenter
Malala's father's passionate account of his amazing journey, the values that inspired Malala and how love drove him to fight for the rights of girls and women everywhere.
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New Female Tribes
New Female Tribes Rachel Pashley
A ground-breaking book that quantifies the scale of female ambition and shatters the moulds for female stereotypes.
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How To Be Right
How To Be Right James O'Brien
James O’Brien – runaway talk show sensation – with a provocative guide to dismantling small minds and conquering prejudice.
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