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Slander Ann Coulter
Liberal Lies About the American Right
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Things That Matter
Things That Matter Charles Krauthammer
From America’s preeminent columnist, named by the Financial Times the most influential commentator in the nation, the long-awaited collection of Charles Krauthammer’s essential, timeless writings
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Failures Of Imagination
Failures Of Imagination Michael Mccaul
The sitting chairman of the US House Homeland Security Committee details the most pressing threats to our country, based on his deep knowledge of our national security readiness, and advocates for the action needed to protect us from them.
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Rogue Justice
Rogue Justice Karen Greenberg
A deeply reported look at how the architects of the War on Terror transformed the Department of Justice into an arm of the intelligence community--hijacking an institution charged with upholding the Constitution and the rule of law and using it as legal cover for mass surveillance and torture.
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The Hill To Die On
The Hill To Die On ANNA PALMER
The inside story of the battle to control Congress and the unsparing fight for advantage in the 2018 midterm elections.
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The Great Suppression
The Great Suppression Zachary Roth
A deeply reported look inside the new conservative movement working to undermine American democracy.
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United States Of Jihad
United States Of Jihad Peter Bergen
A riveting, panoramic look at “homegrown” Islamist terrorism from 9/11 to the present
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