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21 Lessons for the 21st Century
21 Lessons for the 21st Century Yuval Noah Harari
The bestselling phenomenon returns with 21 bite-sized lessons to help us understand our troubled times.
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The Gulag Archipelago
The Gulag Archipelago Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
'It helped to bring down an empire. Its importance can hardly be exaggerated' Doris Lessing, Sunday Telegraph
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Manufacturing Consent
Manufacturing Consent Noam Chomsky, Edward S Herman
A detailed and compelling political study of how elite forces shape mass media
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Party Animals
Party Animals David Aaronovitch
A revelatory memoir by one of Britain’s best-known journalists
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Getting Rich First
Getting Rich First Duncan Hewitt
'A gripping account of modern China’s transformation: Duncan Hewitt introduces us to the new Chinese -- the entrepreneurs and the migrant workers, the ambitious students and the young lovers, the real estate agents and restaurant owners, the performance artists and those who search for new faiths. This is living history written from the inside.' John Gittings (author of The Changing Face of China).
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The Invisible Writing
The Invisible Writing Arthur Koestler
'Perhaps the most remarkable autobiography since the confessions of Rousseau' V. S. Pritchett, New Statesman
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Human Cargo
Human Cargo Caroline Moorehead
HUMAN CARGO celebrates the courage and will to survive shown by ordinary human beings.
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Excellent Cadavers Alexander Stille
A true crime classic: the brutal account of the battle to destroy the modern-day mafia
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The Yellow Wind
The Yellow Wind David Grossman
A book that changed how we think about the Israeli-Palestine conflict: a book that knows that the enemy is not the Palestinian or the Israeli but the extremist and fanatic on either side
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Sleeping On A Wire
Sleeping On A Wire David Grossman
A ground-breaking and profundly important portrayal of the Arab population in Israel
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A Burning Hunger
A Burning Hunger Lynda Schuster
The story of an ordinary black South African family from Soweto, many of whom played a crucial role in the struggle to end apartheid.
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Reform! Edward Pearce
'An attractively vivid and racy account of events that otherwise might have run the risk of possessing a distinctly musty flavour.' Anthony Howard, Sunday Times
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Witnesses Of War
Witnesses Of War Nicholas Stargardt
A major and original work of history - acclaimed in hardback - which investigates the lives of children under the Nazis.
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Downing Street Diary Volume Two
Downing Street Diary Volume Two Bernard Donoughue
The second volume of Bernard Donoughue's fascinating politcial diaries
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Postwar Tony Judt
A magisterial and acclaimed history of Europe in our time, by one of our leading historians.
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Codename Tricycle
Codename Tricycle Russell Miller
A gripping and colourful portrait of a celebrated, glamorous, and daring double-agent - possibly the inspiration for James Bond - who epitomised everything we associate with the life of the spy.
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Fascism Roger Eatwell
'A solid-history of the movement in Italy and Germany, where it took root, and France and Britain, where it failed to flourish.'Ian Thomson, The Guardian 'Mr Eatwell is a learned and careful scholar who has read a formidable list of sources, often very recondite, and he handles his material judiciously'Hugh Trevor-Roper, Sunday Telegraph
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Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon Pam Hirsch
The first biography of the passionate and unconventional Victorian feminist leader and artist, George Eliot's best friend.
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