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The Hitler Emigrés
The Hitler Emigrés Daniel Snowman
'A wonderful, inspiring story-Daniel Snowman has told the extraordinarily moving story very well.' Philip Henscher, Spectator
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Supermac D R Thorpe
Supermac is a truly important publication, of significance to everyone interested in the history of the 20th century. Packed with new revelations about Macmillan's private life as well as key events including the 'Tolstoy' controversy, the Suez Crisis, You've Never Had It So Good, the Winds of Change and the Profumo Scandal.
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Blood Kindred W J McCormack
A fascinating and original look at the complex political life of one of the world's most renowned poets.
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Personal Impressions
Personal Impressions Isaiah Berlin
The third, enlarged edition of Isaiah Berlin's remarkable series of character portraits, Personal Impressions
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The March Up
The March Up Bing West, Ray Smith
In the first book to come directly from the front lines of the war in Iraq, here is an insider's look at the dramatic sequence of events that unfolded during the 1st Marine Division's 22-day assault from Kuwait to Baghdad.
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The Nuremberg Interviews
The Nuremberg Interviews Leon Goldensohn
A remarkable insight into the Nazi mentality and the nature of evil
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Progress And Barbarism Clive Ponting
Arranged thematically, this ambitous and masterly book defines the twentieth century in a single volume. A work of easy reference, it contains a massive amount of fascinating data and will be of value for decades to come.
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An Orange Revolution
An Orange Revolution Askold Krushnelnycky
Timely, gripping, and hard-hitting: the inside story of the most important events in Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall
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Mao: The Unknown Story
Mao: The Unknown Story Jung Chang, Jon Halliday
The most authoritative life of Mao ever written, by the bestselling author of Wild Swans and her husband
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Negro with a Hat: Marcus Garvey
Negro with a Hat: Marcus Garvey Colin Grant
Definitive biography of Marcus Garvey from an exciting and talented new writer WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION FOR THE PAPERBACK EDITION
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China Witness
China Witness Xinran
This magnificent and groundbreaking work of oral history gives voice to a forgotten generation and reveals the secret history of 20th-century China.
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The Rise and Fall of Communism
The Rise and Fall of Communism Archie Brown
The definitive and groundbreaking account of the revolutionary ideology that changed the modern world.
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Into the Darkness:
Into the Darkness: Peter Zimonjic
A dramatic, personal, but definitive account of the day London changed forever.
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A Russian Diary
A Russian Diary Anna Politkovskaya
A RUSSIAN DIARY is the book that Anna Politkovskaya had recently completed when she was murdered in a contract killing in Moscow.
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The Fallout
The Fallout Andrew Anthony
One of the most controversial books of recent years, The Fallout forces us to re-examine all our preconceptions.
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Under Two Dictators: Prisoner of Stalin and Hitler
Under Two Dictators: Prisoner of Stalin and Hitler Margarete Buber-Neumann
An astonishing account (and the only we have) of one woman's experience of labour camps under Stalin and Hitler
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Vice Lou Dubose, Jake Bernstein
A riveting exposé of American vice president Dick Cheney - an explosive, gripping and intensely topical book, its contents are embargoed until publication day.
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The Geopolitics of Emotion
The Geopolitics of Emotion Dominique Moisi
In the first book to explore the emotional impact of globalization, a leading authority on international affairs provides a new way of understanding and dealing with the complexities of world relations now and in the future.
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The Prince
The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli
A refreshingly accessible new translation of this timely and dynamic classic work about the corrupting effects of power FROM THE AWARD-WINNING TRANSLATOR PETER CONSTANTINE
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American Caesars
American Caesars Nigel Hamilton
A group biography of the twelve Caesars of our time: American Presidents from Roosevelt to George W. Bush.
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Speak for Britain!
Speak for Britain! Martin Pugh
An original and challenging interpretation of the Labour Party's evolution.
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Great Hatred, Little Room
Great Hatred, Little Room Jonathan Powell
The definitive account of the Northern Ireland Peace Process, by one of the key players - Tony Blair's ex-Chief of Staff, Jonathan Powell.
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Moral Clarity
Moral Clarity Susan Neiman
Distinguished scholar, Susan Neiman, argues for a commitment to a more just world that is rationally grounded, implacable and insatiable.
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Nothing But the Truth
Nothing But the Truth Anna Politkovskaya
A wide-ranging and lasting collection of writing by one of the most outstanding and courageous reporters of our era.
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