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110 Per Cent: Great Australian Sporting Speeches
110 Per Cent: Great Australian Sporting Speeches Michael Winkler
Ranging from the eloquent and stirring to the downright funny, these are Australia's greatest sporting moments, seen through the eyes of the winners and losers, experts and legends of all our favourite sports.
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A Banquet of Consequences
A Banquet of Consequences Satyajit Das
An internationally respected commentator on financial markets, credited with predicting the Global Financial crisis and featured in the 2010 Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job, Satyajit Das is our finest writer about money and the global economy. Informed, impassioned, lively and witty, A Banquet of Consequences is the only book you need to understand what the future will bring.
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A Very English Scandal
A Very English Scandal John Preston
An unputdownable real-life political thriller set in the House of Commons.
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All You Need To Know About The Music Business
All You Need To Know About The Music Business Donald S Passman
Anyone interested in music – musicians, songwriter, agents, promoters, publishers, managers and record company executives – needs this crucial text to keep up with the frenetic pace of technological and legal change.
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Becoming Michelle Obama
An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States.
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Breaking Up
Breaking Up Robert Larkins
The break-up of a relationship is one of the hardest things you can go through. And during the confusion that accompanies it, you're supposed to make sensible decisions about the fair division of money, and possibly the future of your children.
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Carrington Christopher Lee
The long-awaited biography of one of the outstanding politicians of the 20th century.
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How Democracies Die
How Democracies Die Steve Levitsky, Daniel Ziblatt
Two Harvard professors explain the stages in which governments collapse - and how we can prevent this.
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If You Can Keep It
If You Can Keep It Metaxas, Eric
If You Can Keep It is at once a thrilling review of America’s uniqueness, and a sobering reminder that America’s greatness cannot continue unless we truly understand what our founding fathers meant for us to be.
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Leadership in Turbulent Times
Leadership in Turbulent Times Doris Kearns Goodwin
From a lifetime of study and inside knowledge: what the great American presidents reveal about leadership.
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Men and Women of Australia!
Men and Women of Australia! Michael Fullilove
An anthology of Australia's greatest speeches since Federation, compiled by Rhodes Scholar, speechmaker and former prime ministerial adviser Michael Fullilove.
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Please Explain: The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Pauline Hanson
Please Explain: The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Pauline Hanson Anna Broinowski
After eighteen years in the political wilderness, Pauline Hanson is back and more powerful than ever. Please Explain is a compelling, intimate look at how an Ipswich fish and chip shop lady changed the nation – and how she speaks directly to Australian society and our multicultural identity today.
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Reports from a Turbulent Decade
Reports from a Turbulent Decade The Lowy Institute
These are some of Australia's finest thinkers analysing the key issues that have had a major impact on Australia over the last turbulent decade, collated by our most influential think tank.
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Stern Justice
Stern Justice Adam Wakeling
While the Nuremberg trials at the end of the Second World War are infamous, as are the atrocities committed by Japan in that conflict, few now remember the trials that prosecuted Japanese personnel for those crimes. Stern Justice recovers this forgotten story in a gripping, powerfully written history of an event that saw Australia emerge as a player on the stage of international law.
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Stonewall: Breaking Out in the Fight for Gay Rights
Stonewall: Breaking Out in the Fight for Gay Rights Ann Bausum
The first history of gay rights for teen readers, written by an award-winning nonfiction author
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The Director is the Commander
The Director is the Commander Anna Broinowski
Funny, multi-layered and utterly compelling, The Director is the Commander is a gripping account of an extraordinary journey inside North Korea, a nation we can usually only see from the outside looking in.
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The Dismissal
The Dismissal Paul Kelly, Troy Bramston
Drawing on a range of new sources, some of which have never before been made public – including hundreds of pages from Kerr's archives – this remarkable account is dispassionate in its analysis, vivid in its narrative and brutal in its conclusions. It exposes the true motivations, the extent of the deceit and the scale of the collusion.
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The Football Solution
The Football Solution George Megalogenis
In a characteristically sweeping and entertaining story, George Megalogenis reveals how football has been shaped by the nation that invented it and how the game we love, in turn, might help resolve Australia’s political impasse.
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The Gillard Project
The Gillard Project Michael Cooney
Passionate. Argumentative. Funny and honest. The Gillard Project is a fascinating and unique perspective on Australian political culture and its ramifications for us all.
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The People Elsewhere
The People Elsewhere Lucas Stewart
The People Elsewhere is a vivid tableau of time and place, and an ode to the ethnic richness of Myanmar.
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The Return
The Return Hisham Matar
A breathtaking memoir and an extraordinary testament to the human spirit.
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