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Rebels Aris Roussinos
A 21st century take on Dispatches, award-winning VICE News journalist Aris Roussinos tells the real stories behind life in a rebel army.
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Once Upon a Time in Russia
Once Upon a Time in Russia Ben Mezrich
A gripping and shocking insight into the lives of Russia’s most famous oligarchs from New York Times bestselling author of The Accidental Billionaires and Bringing Down the House.
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The Best of Benn
The Best of Benn Tony Benn
The definitive collection of diaires, memoirs, speeches, letters and other writings by Tony Benn.
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M Henry Hemming
Revealed in full for the first time, the extraordinary life of Maxwell Knight, MI5’s greatest spymaster
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Shepherds and Butchers
Shepherds and Butchers Chris Marnewick
A gripping true crime story set in apartheid South Africa - soon to be a critically acclaimed Netflix film in 2017 starring Steve Coogan
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The People V. O.J. Simpson
The People V. O.J. Simpson Jeffrey Toobin
Now a major BBC TV series; the definitive account of the O.J. Simpson trial, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., John Travolta, David Schwimmer, and Connie Britton.
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Speaking Out
Speaking Out Ed Balls
A landmark examination of political life by one of the most influential political figures of the past twenty years.
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The Benn Diaries
The Benn Diaries Tony Benn
The published diaries of one of Britain's most famous politicians. A fascinating insight into twentieth century British politics.
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Iraq Jeremy Greenstock
The definitive account of Britain's war in Iraq - prohibited from publication when originally written, now fully updated and revised post-Chilcot Inquiry
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The Shankill Butchers
The Shankill Butchers Martin Dillon
A Case Study of Mass Murder
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The Dirty War
The Dirty War Martin Dillon
'Makes Cold War duplicity a la Deighton and Le Carre seem positively endearing' Guardian
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Perfect Hostage
Perfect Hostage Justin Wintle
The dramatic story of Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma and the Generals
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Nuclear Showdown
Nuclear Showdown Gordon G. Chang
North Korea Takes On the World.
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The Heart Must Break James Mawdsley
'Beautifully paced, addictive-Simply inspirational' Manchester Evening News
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Body Of Secrets
Body Of Secrets James Bamford
A no-holds-barred examination of America's National Security Agency - packed with startling secrets about its past, news-breaking revelations about its present-day activities, and chilling predictions about its future powers and reach.
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Jeeves and the King of Clubs
Jeeves and the King of Clubs Ben Schott
Ben Schott follows in the patent-leather footsteps of the great humourist, P.G. Wodehouse and his empire of comic writing.
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The Coming Collapse Of China
The Coming Collapse Of China Gordon G. Chang
The world sees a glorious future for China. Beneath the veneer of modernisation however, it's another story. The Coming Collapse of China predicts the imminent implosion of the economy and government of the People's Republic of China.
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See No Evil
See No Evil Robert Baer
The inspiration behind the international box office hit Syriana - by the the producers of Erin Brokovich and starring Golden Globe Winner, George Clooney, for his performance as Robert Baer. 'Syriana is light years from the standard Hollywood movie. It's meaty, intelligent and engrossing.' Time Magazine 'You see Syriana with the exhilarating feeling that a movie can make a difference. It's the kind of give-em-hell filmmaking that Hollywood left for dead, the kind that matters.' Rolling Stone
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The Origins of the Final Solution
The Origins of the Final Solution Christopher Browning
A chilling historical book exploring the truth behind the most horrifying act of evil in modern history: the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler's 'final solution' to winning the Second World War and achieving world domination. This is the authoritative book on the darkest act of Hitler's Third Reich, and is a must-read for fans of Steven Spielberg's blockbuster Schindler's List and anyone with an interest in Nazi policies during WWII.
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World On Fire
World On Fire Amy Chua
The New York Times bestseller. In the current affairs/globalisation tradition of Naomi Klein and Noreena Hertz.
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My Silent War
My Silent War Kim Philby
A fascinating insight into the mind and motivations of the notorious British 'Master Spy' and Soviet double agent.
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Where Soldiers Fear To Tread
Where Soldiers Fear To Tread John Burnett
An extraordinary story of courage, tragedy and farce in one of the world's most dangerous civilian jobs - working for the UN and responding to humanitarian emergencies.
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Shake Hands With The Devil
Shake Hands With The Devil Romeo Dallaire
The #1 international bestseller -- chosen as Nonfiction Book of the Year and winner of the Shaughnessy-Cohen prize. A harrowing and ultimately redemptive memoir by the General who commanded the UN forces in Rwanda.
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