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A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine
A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine Tony Benn
The final volume from the pre-eminent diarist of his generation.
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A Journey
A Journey Tony Blair
The memoirs of Tony Blair - a worldwide publishing sensation
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A Pacifist At War
A Pacifist At War Ray Jenkins
An extraordinary first-hand story of leading the wartime resistance in France.
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A Woman In Charge
A Woman In Charge Carl Bernstein
Carl Bernstein's acclaimed biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most revealing and balanced portrait yet of the woman poised to become the 44th President of the United States.
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At The Devil's Table
At The Devil's Table William C. Rempel
The incredible true story of the man who risked everything to take down the world's largest drug cartel.
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Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton Nigel Hamilton
The second volume in the critically acclaimed biography of Bill Clinton
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Body Of Secrets
Body Of Secrets James Bamford
A no-holds-barred examination of America's National Security Agency - packed with startling secrets about its past, news-breaking revelations about its present-day activities, and chilling predictions about its future powers and reach.
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Colours Of The Mountain
Colours Of The Mountain Da Chen
A unique modern memoir of growing up in rural China in the '60s and '70s, Colours of the Mountain is a powerful and moving story of supreme determination and extraordinary faith against the most impossible odds.
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De Valera
De Valera Tim Pat Coogan
To mark the cetenary of the Easter Rising, and with extra material, this is the biography of Eamon De Valera by Tim Pat Coogan - the sharpest contemporary observer of the Irish political scene.
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Diaries Volume One
Diaries Volume One Alastair Campbell
The Blair Years was a taster. Prelude to Power reveals the diairies uncut. And it is just the beginning.
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Diaries Volume Three
Diaries Volume Three Alastair Campbell
The third volume of Campbell's compelling diaries, covering 1999 to 2001.
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Diaries Volume Two
Diaries Volume Two Alastair Campbell
The second volume of Campbell's riveting diaries, rejoining New Labour as they come into power
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For All the Tea in China
For All the Tea in China Sarah Rose
In the 1850s, stealing the secret of China tea was like stealing the secret formula for Coca-Cola
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Free At Last
Free At Last Tony Benn
'Easily the best of the year's diaries- It proves to be an astonishingly moving and human document' Anthony Howard, Sunday Times
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From A Clear Blue Sky
From A Clear Blue Sky Timothy Knatchbull
A powerful survivor's account of the IRA bomb that killed the author's 14-year-old twin brother, his grandparents and a family friend
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Gandhi and Churchill
Gandhi and Churchill Arthur Herman
The epic story of the rivalry that shaped the 20th century and poses questions for the 21st.
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Giving President Bill Clinton
'I wrote this book to encourage you to give whatever you can, because everyone can give something... And there's so much to be done, down the street and around the world. It's never too late or too early to start' BILL CLINTON
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How to Win a Cosmic War
How to Win a Cosmic War Reza Aslan
Acclaimed author Reza Aslan dissects two of the most devastating ideologies of our times - Jihadism and the 'War on Terror'.
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Illicit Moises Naim
A provocative and timely investigation of the impact of globalisation on crime that reveals the dark side of our globalised economy, and describes the losing battles being fought to combat the free movement of arms, drugs, people, intellectual property and money.
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Inside the Kingdom
Inside the Kingdom Robert Lacey
The complex story of what's been happening within Saudi Arabia - while the West wasn't looking
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Iraq Jeremy Greenstock
The definitive account of Britain's war in Iraq - prohibited from publication when originally written, now fully updated and revised post-Chilcot Inquiry
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