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Refuge Alexander Betts, Paul Collier
An eye-opening account of the migrant crisis which shows why our global refugee regime is broken and how it can be fixed.
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Winners Take All
Winners Take All Anand Giridharadas
What explains the spreading backlash against the global elite?
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Churchill Andrew Roberts
The blockbuster biography of the greatest Briton, by one of Britain's bestselling historians.
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Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine, 1921-33
Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine, 1921-33 Anne Applebaum
Red Famine, a triumph of scholarship and human sympathy, is a milestone in the recovery of those memories and that history.
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Britain's Europe
Britain's Europe Brendan Simms
The essential book for understanding the history of Britain's place in Europe, from the Middle Ages to the present day.
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The Dawn of Eurasia
The Dawn of Eurasia Bruno Macaes
A bold and eye-opening account of the coming integration of Europe and Asia.
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Lenin On The Train
Lenin On The Train Catherine Merridale
A gripping account of how, in the depths of the First World War, Russia's greatest revolutionary was taken in a 'sealed train' across Europe and changed the history of the world.
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Weapons Of Math Destruction
Weapons Of Math Destruction Cathy O’Neil
A former Wall Street data scientist sounds an alarm on the mathematical models that pervade modern life - and threaten to rip apart our social fabric.
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Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher Charles Moore
Charles Moore's bestselling and definitive biography of Britain's first female Prime Minister reaches its climax with the story of her zenith and her fall.
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First Confession: A Sort of Memoir
First Confession: A Sort of Memoir Chris Patten
The first full memoir by the bestselling author and the best politician-writer since Alan Clark.
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The Secret World
The Secret World Christopher Andrew
A stupendous history of intelligence, its uses and its neglect - by the world's leading historian of intelligence.
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Nothing But A Circus
Nothing But A Circus Daniel Levin
The truth about the corrupting effects of power in politics? It's worse than you think.
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The Uninhabitable Earth
The Uninhabitable Earth David Wallace-Wells
The slowness of climate change is a fairy tale, perhaps as pernicious as the one that says it isn't happening at all, and if your anxiety about it is dominated by fears of sea-level rise, you are barely scratching the surface of what terrors are possible, even within the lifetime of a teenager today.
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Places and Names
Places and Names Elliot Ackerman
An astonishing reckoning with the nature of war from a National Book Award-shortlisted novelist and decorated former US marine.
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Whiteshift Eric Kaufmann
A ground-breaking book that offers a new story about ethnicity, populism and immigration based on a wealth of data.
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Trinity Frank Close
A thrilling new history of the most damaging nuclear spy ever to undermine the West, by an important scientific practitioner.
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Karl Marx
Karl Marx Gareth Stedman Jones
This towering intellectual biography allows us to understand both the greatness and the illusion that lie at the heart of an extraordinary man.
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The Way Of The Strangers
The Way Of The Strangers Graeme Wood
A timely and essential rethinking of what ISIS is and what it really wants.
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A Woman's Work
A Woman's Work Harriet Harman
With a new chapter on the fights for women now, as the UK celebrates 100 years of having the vote.
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The Souls Of China
The Souls Of China Ian Johnson
The human story of the vast changes now transforming China, with religion sweeping up millions of people in ways which are a profound threat to the Communist Party.
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The Egyptians: A Radical Story
The Egyptians: A Radical Story Jack Shenker
The essential book about Egypt and radical politics.
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Upheaval Jared Diamond
From 'the master storyteller of the human race' (Daily Mail), a brilliant new theory of how and why some nations recover from trauma and others don't.
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On Grand Strategy
On Grand Strategy John Lewis Gaddis
John Lewis Gaddis, the distinguished historian of the Cold War, has for almost two decades co-taught grand strategy at Yale University with his colleagues Charles Hill and Paul Kennedy. Now, in On Grand Strategy, Gaddis reflects with insight and wit on what he has learned.
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