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Moranifesto Caitlin Moran
A revolutionary collection from the award-winning columnist and bestselling author of How to Be a Woman and How to Build a Girl
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Did I Mention the Free Wine? Madness, Mayhem & The Muse
Did I Mention the Free Wine? Madness, Mayhem & The Muse Jason Kersten
On the road with maverick millionaire poet, Felix Dennis
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Do What The F**k I Say
Do What The F**k I Say Sebastian Melmoth II, Felix Dennis
An illustrated tongue-in-cheek poem dealing with the problems of parenthood
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Gwynne's Latin
Gwynne's Latin Nevile Gwynne
The inimitable Mr Gwynne’s ULTIMATE guide to Latin – for its own sake, to improve your English, and to make you better at everything else
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100 Poems To See You Through
100 Poems To See You Through Daisy Goodwin
100 great poems for hard times, chosen by the author of The Nation's Favourite Poems
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Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
A portrait of Sherlock Holmes, illustrated with stunning archive photography and produced in association with the Museum of London
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This Is The Way of The World
This Is The Way of The World Felix Dennis
A collection of ‘real life’ poems by Felix Dennis,charting life’s course from infant to endings. Illustrations by Bill Sanderson.
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How to Speak Emoji Love
How to Speak Emoji Love
First comes love, then comes emoji... How to speak the new language of romance!
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Unaccustomed as I am...
Unaccustomed as I am... Michael Parker
A charming, whip-smart and thoroughly modern book on how to give a wedding speech to end all wedding speeches.
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The Love Poems Of Rumi
The Love Poems Of Rumi Deepak Chopra
A collection of new translations of the thirteenth century poet Rumi's love poems. These classic works of mysticism and desire inspired countless people in Rumi's time and throughout the centuries.
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Letters To A Young Artist
Letters To A Young Artist Julia Cameron
An essential companion on the path to discovering our creative potential mapped out in Julia Cameron's bestselling WALKING IN THIS WORLD and THE ARTIST’S WAY.
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England's Best Loved Poems
England's Best Loved Poems George Courtauld
A stirring collection of the greatest British poems, compiled by bestselling author of THE POCKET BOOK OF PATRIOTISM
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Mere Anarchy
Mere Anarchy Woody Allen
The first new humour collection from Woody Allen in over 25 years
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Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy
Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy Max Atkinson
A one-stop guide to making a brilliant speech or perfect presentation, whatever the occasion
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Moranthology Caitlin Moran
Britain’s most talented, award-winning and bestselling columnist collected here for the very first time
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The 20th Century in Poetry
The 20th Century in Poetry Simon Rae, Michael Hulse
The history of the 20th century through the poets' eyes, starting with Thomas Hardy and John Masefield and finishing with Carol Ann Duffy and Jeffrey Harrison
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The Quick And Easy Way To Effective Speaking Dale Carnegie
The successful way to express yourself logically, persuasively and convincingly – a personal development classic that is essential reading for anyone with a fear of public speaking
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Heroes John Jeffcock
100 deeply affecting poems from the new generation of war poets
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You Cannot Live As I Have Lived and Not End Up Like This
You Cannot Live As I Have Lived and Not End Up Like This Terence Blacker
'A startling and brilliant biography that reads like a Rake's Progress for the 21st century' - Daily Mail
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Fragrant Palm Leaves
Fragrant Palm Leaves Thich Nhat Hanh
Important journals from the key period of Thich Nhat Hanh's life
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How to Swear
How to Swear Stephen Wildish
Know your shit, or know you’re shit - the essential swearing guide.
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F*** You Very Much
F*** You Very Much Danny Wallace
An eye-opening and seriously entertaining investigation into the worst side of human behaviour — by the million copy-selling author of Yes Man.
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Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Retold
Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Retold William Shakespeare, James Anthony
Fall in love with Shakespeare’s Sonnets, rewritten in modern English – reworked, retold and reimagined.
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The Mechanism
The Mechanism Vladimir Netto
The extraordinary real story of power, corruption and greed that inspired the major Netflix series from José Padilha, the creator of Narcos
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