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The Novel of the Century: The Extraordinary Adventure of Les Misérables
The Novel of the Century: The Extraordinary Adventure of Les Misérables David Bellos
The Novel of the Century brings to life the extraordinary story of how Victor Hugo managed to write his novel of the downtrodden despite a revolution, a coup d'état and political exile; how he pulled off the deal of the century to get it published, and set it on course to become the novel that epitomizes the grand sweep of history in the nineteenth century.
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The Long Recessional
The Long Recessional David Gilmour
A brilliantly illuminating study of the writer who embodied the spirit of his country a hundred years ago as closely as Shakespeare had done 300 years before.
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Things I Don't Want To Know
Things I Don't Want To Know Deborah Levy
First instalment of Levy's essential 'living autobiography' trilogy - reissued to match the beautiful COST OF LIVING hardback
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Ragtime: Popular Penguins
Ragtime: Popular Penguins E. L. Doctorow
In America at the turn of the twentieth century, when society abounds with movers and shakers such as Houdini, J.P Morgan, Henry Ford and Emma Goldman, and the sultry rhythms of ragtime permeate the city, ex-chorus girl Evelyn Nesbitt inspires a mad millionaire to murder architect Stanford White. In this stunning kaleidoscopic chronicle of an age, Doctorow juxtaposes patriotism with fading grandeur, to create a dazzling literary mosaic that depicts an era of dire poverty, fabulous wealth and incredible change.
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Places and Names
Places and Names Elliot Ackerman
An astonishing reckoning with the nature of war from a National Book Award-shortlisted novelist and decorated former US marine.
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The Optician Of Lampedusa
The Optician Of Lampedusa Emma Jane Kirby
The heartbreaking true story of an ordinary man whose life is changed forever by one of the greatest human tragedies of our time.
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This Is Shakespeare
This Is Shakespeare Emma Smith
This is Shakespeare. And he needs your attention.
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Limonov Emmanuel Carrère
Limonov is not a fictional character, but he could have been. He's lived a hundred lives. He was a hoodlum in Ukraine, an idol of the Soviet underground, punk-poet and valet to a billionaire in Manhattan, fashion writer in Paris, lost soldier in the Balkans, and now, in the chaos after the fall of communism a charismatic party leader of a gang of political desperados.
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Empire Of Things
Empire Of Things Frank Trentmann
The epic history of consumption, and the goods that have transformed our lives over the past 600 years.
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The Fly Trap
The Fly Trap Fredrik Sjöberg
Fredrik Sjöberg finds happiness in the little things. Millions of them, in fact. This beguiling bestseller is his unique meditation on collecting hoverflies.
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Karl Marx
Karl Marx Gareth Stedman Jones
This towering intellectual biography allows us to understand both the greatness and the illusion that lie at the heart of an extraordinary man.
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