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The Penguin Book Of The British Short Story
The Penguin Book Of The British Short Story Various
This is the first anthology capacious enough to celebrate the full diversity and energy of its writers, subjects and tones. The most famous authors are here, and many others, including some magnificent stories never republished since their first appearance in magazines and periodicals. The Penguin Book of the British Short Story has a permanent authority, and will be reached for year in and year out.This volume takes the story from its origins with Defoe, Swift and Fielding to the 'golden age' of the fin de siècleand Edwardian period.
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The Happy Reader – Issue 11
The Happy Reader – Issue 11 Various
The eleventh issue of The Happy Reader, the bookish bi-annual published by Penguin Classics in collaboration with Fantastic Man
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A Shropshire Lad
A Shropshire Lad A.E. Housman
A collectible new Penguin series: beautiful, slim, clothbound editions of ten favourite poets. About the woodlands I will go, To see the cherry hung with snow
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Shahnameh Abolqasem Ferdowsi
The stories of the Shahnameh are deeply embedded in Persian culture and beyond, as attested by their appearance in such works as The Kite Runner and the love poems of Rumi and Hafez.
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The Works Of The Gawain Poet
The Works Of The Gawain Poet AD Putter, Myra Stokes
This volume brings together four works of the unknown fourteenth-century poet famous for the Arthurian romance Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, in their original Middle English.
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The Penguin Book of Haiku
The Penguin Book of Haiku Adam L. Kem
First Penguin volume of best Japanese haiku vivid translations.
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