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Leaving Before the Rains Come
Leaving Before the Rains Come Alexandra Fuller
The sequel to the international bestseller Don’t Let’s Go To The Dogs Tonight.
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Reading the World
Reading the World Ann Morgan
A thought-provoking and eye-opening journey through world literature inspired by a quest to read a book from every country.
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Colour Me English
Colour Me English Caryl Phillips
A reflective, entertaining and challenging collection of non-fiction writing from one of our great novelists.
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The Bughouse
The Bughouse Daniel Swift
A groundbreaking new biography of Ezra Pound, one of the most controversial poets of the twentieth century, told through the stories of his illustrious visitors at St Elizabeths Hospital, Washington, DC
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Romain Gary
Romain Gary David Bellos
The many lives and guises of a bestselling author and international celebrity.
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The Year of Henry James
The Year of Henry James David Lodge
The story of a novel - with other essays on the genesis, composition and reception of literary fiction
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Who Killed My Father
Who Killed My Father Edouard Louis
The non-fiction companion to The End of Eddy: a short, powerful personal-political essay addressed to Louis' father
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The Zurau Aphorisms
The Zurau Aphorisms Franz Kafka
The essential philosophical writings of one of the twentieth century's greatest writers are now published for the first time in a single volume with an introduction and afterword by the celebrated writer Roberto Calasso.
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Seeing Things As They Are
Seeing Things As They Are George Orwell
Whether discussing Polish immigration or Scottish independence, railing against racism, defending the English language or holding an imaginary conversation with Jonathan Swift, these pieces reveal a clear-eyed, entertaining and eternally relevant chronicler of his age.
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Down and Out in Paris and London
Down and Out in Paris and London George Orwell
Orwell's evocative memoir of his time spent in the underbellies of Paris and London.
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Burmese Days
Burmese Days George Orwell
But, my dear friend, what lie are you living?'  'Why, of course, the lie that we're here to uplift our poor black brothers instead of to rob them.  I suppose it's a natural enough lie.  But it corrupts us, it corrupts us in ways you can't imagine.
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Homage to Catalonia
Homage to Catalonia George Orwell
'You always, I notice, feel the same when you are under heavy fire – not so much afraid of being hit as afraid because you don't know where you will be hit. You are wondering all the while just where the bullet will nip you, and it gives your whole body a most unpleasant sensitiveness.'
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Narrative Essays George Orwell
A wonderful selection of Orwell's finest narrative essays.
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Diaries George Orwell
The authoritative text of George Orwell's diaries, collected in one volume for the first time
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Orwell on Truth
Orwell on Truth George Orwell
'To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle.' A selection of George Orwell's prescient, clear-eyed and stimulating writing on the subjects of truth and lies. With an introduction by Alan Johnson.
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Orwell on Freedom
Orwell on Freedom George Orwell
A n essential, concise selection of George Orwell's writing, from both his novels and non-fiction, on the subject of FREEDOM. With an introduction by Kamila Shamsie.
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Of All That Ends
Of All That Ends Günter Grass
The final work of Nobel Prize-winning writer Günter Grass – a witty and elegiac series of meditations on writing, growing old, and the world.
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Quicksand Henning Mankell
A fascinating memoir-of-sorts from the legendary writer & campaigner for human rights: Quicksand is a collection of micro-essays exploring what it is to be human, covering topics as varied as Henning's cancer diagnosis, art, jealousy, Ice Ages past and present, and the future of our planet
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So Much Longing in So Little Space
So Much Longing in So Little Space Karl Ove Knausgaard
Karl Ove Knausgaard on the artist Edvard Munch, and how we experience the world through art
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Summer Karl Ove Knausgaard, Anselm Kiefer
Summer is the fourth volume of the Seasons quartet, a collection of short prose and diaries written by a father for his youngest daughter, with stunning artwork by Anselm Kiefer.
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Home and Away
Home and Away Karl Ove Knausgaard, Fredrik Ekelund
Karl Ove Knausgaard and fellow writer Fredrik Ekelund kick around thoughts and ideas on football, life, art and politics
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Winter Karl Ove Knausgaard, Lars Lerin
The second volume in his autobiographical quartet based on the seasons, Winter is an achingly beautiful collection of daily meditations and letters addressed directly to Knaugsaard's unborn daughter
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