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Iris Murdoch As I Knew Her A.N. Wilson
'A brantub of scandal and a comic masterpiece'John Carey, 'Books of the Year', Daily Telegraph
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Betjeman A.N. Wilson
The Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller 'A joy to read and re-read - the perfect match of author and subject' Hugh Massingberd, 'Books of the Year', Spectator
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It's a Wonderful Word
It's a Wonderful Word Albert Jack
Did you know that an assassin is a hashish-eater and a yokel a country woodpecker? That Dr Mesmer mesmerised patients back to health or that Samuel Pepys enjoyed a good game of handicap? While we’re at it, what have spondulics to do with spines or lawyers with avocadoes?
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Called Out of Darkness
Called Out of Darkness Anne Rice
Anne Rice's intimate memoir of her Catholic girlhood, her unmaking as a devout believer and the path back to her faith.
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Journals 1982
Journals 1982 Anthony Powell
During the eighties, while working on a novel which had become 'stuck', Anthony Powell, one of the greatest of twentieth-century Enlgish novelists, began writing a journal. Gossipy, delightful, sometimes barbed, these journals give a fascinating insight into the writer's life: the people he met, the places her visited and the parties he went to. The acute intelligence and wit which has made A Dance to the Music of Time one of the best loved novels in English is ever-present in these papers, where the reader will encounter Osbert Lancaster, Kingsley Amis, Philip Larkin, Lord Longford - all viewed with affection and a startling frankness.
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Dance To The Music Of Time Volume 2
Dance To The Music Of Time Volume 2 Anthony Powell
Volume 2 contains novels four, five and six of the Dance To The Music Of Time sequence.
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Dance To The Music Of Time Volume 1
Dance To The Music Of Time Volume 1 Anthony Powell
The first three novels from the brilliant Dance to the Music Of Time sequence.
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Dance To The Music Of Time Volume 4
Dance To The Music Of Time Volume 4 Anthony Powell
Volume 4 contains novels ten to twelve of the Dance To The Music Of Time sequence.
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Dance To The Music Of Time Volume 3
Dance To The Music Of Time Volume 3 Anthony Powell
Volume 3 contains novels seven to nine of the Dance To The Music Of Time sequence.
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When Daddy Came Home
When Daddy Came Home Barry Turner, Tony Rennell
Compelling and moving real-life accounts of the impact on family life of the return of the troops at the end of the Second World War.
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Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist Charles Dickens
A beautiful Puffin Deluxe hardback classics edition.
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Hard Times
Hard Times Charles Dickens
The Penguin English Library Edition of Hard Times by Charles Dickens
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Great Expectations
Great Expectations Charles Dickens
Rediscover Puffin Classics - bringing the best-loved stories to a new generation.
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Bleak House
Bleak House Charles Dickens
As the interminable case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce grinds its way through the Court of Chancery, it draws together a disparate group of people.
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Martin Chuzzlewit
Martin Chuzzlewit Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens's powerful black comedy of of hypocrisy and greed, Martin Chuzzlewit is edited with an introduction and notes by Patricia Ingham in Penguin Classics.
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Nicholas Nickleby
Nicholas Nickleby Charles Dickens
One of the touchstones of the English comic novel, the Penguin Classics edition of Charles Dickens's Nicholas Nickleby is edited with an introduction by Mark Ford.
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Barnaby Rudge
Barnaby Rudge Charles Dickens
This edition is based on the first one-volume publication of Barnaby Rudge, reproducing all the original illustrations. Appendices include a map of London at the time of the Gordon Riots and the preface to the 1969 edition.
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Thoughts For The Day
Thoughts For The Day Charles Handy
A selection of some of Charles Handy's early morning BBC Radio 4 ''Thought for the Day' reflections.
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Still Lost in Translation
Still Lost in Translation Charlie Croker
A hilarious collection of the mangled English found in tourist destinations all over the world
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Dreaming To Some Purpose Colin Wilson
Inside the Outsider - Colin Wilson returns to the subject of his million-selling book
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