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Said And Done
Said And Done Roger McGough
The most funny, poignant, bittersweet, and melancholic autobiography you will read this year.
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The Prodigal Tongue
The Prodigal Tongue Mark Abley
From Ice Cube to You Tube via 'Singlish' and Bouncebackability - Mark Abley travels the globe to report on the dynamic new forces shaping the future of the English language
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The Private World of Georgette Heyer
The Private World of Georgette Heyer Jane Aiken Hodge
The classic biography, finally back in print!
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The Joke's Over
The Joke's Over Ralph Steadman
Ralph Steadman's hilarious and revealing story of his bizarre and crazy relationship with Hunter Thompson.
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How to Talk Like a Local
How to Talk Like a Local Susie Dent
The first collection of local words and phrases to take in every region of the country
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Curiosities of Literature
Curiosities of Literature John Sutherland
One of our foremost critics tours some of the more arcane byways of literature
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Called Out of Darkness
Called Out of Darkness Anne Rice
Anne Rice's intimate memoir of her Catholic girlhood, her unmaking as a devout believer and the path back to her faith.
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The Genius and the Goddess
The Genius and the Goddess Jeffrey Meyers
A frank and revealing portrait of Arthur Miller, as viewed through the lens of his relationship with Marilyn Monroe.
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The Shakespeare Almanac
The Shakespeare Almanac Greg Doran
A sumptuously illustrated day by day calender of Shakespeare's year by the Chief Associate Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company.
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Daphne Du Maurier
Daphne Du Maurier Daphne Du Maurier, Margaret Forster
Meticulously researched, a masterpiece of biography and storytelling where subject and author are perfectly matched...
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The Wit & Wisdom of P.G. Wodehouse
The Wit & Wisdom of P.G. Wodehouse Tony Ring
A wonderful Christmas gift collection of short Wodehouse extracts, combining the wit and wisdom of the Master.
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Cat Haiku
Cat Haiku Deborah Coates
A quirky and clever collection of beautifully illustrated Japanese haiku poetry written from the elusive 'cat's eye' viewpoint - a wonderful illustrated book that would make the perfect gift for cat-lovers and poetry fans everywhere
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The Power Of Babel John McWhorter
A wonderful guided tour of language, as sharp and thought-provoking as Steven Pinker's The Language Instinct and as entertaining and Bill Bryson's Mother Tongue.
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Doing Our Own Thing
Doing Our Own Thing John McWhorter
Is the English language in decline? Is contemporary music a pale imitation of the musical riches of the past? Linguist John McWhorter argues in this provocative, controversial book that the legacy of the 1960's has caused us to value the verbal and the oral over the written forms of language and music, impoverishing our culture.
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Wodehouse At The Wicket
Wodehouse At The Wicket P.G. Wodehouse
P.G. Wodehouse and cricket - the unbeatable combination of all things English!
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Death In The Afternoon
Death In The Afternoon Ernest Hemingway
Hemingway's classic portrait of the pageantry of bullfighting
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The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde
The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde Neil McKenna
This sensational new biography of Wilde is based on the author's discovery of some unpublished and little-known source material, relating particularly to his sex life.
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How to be Well Read
How to be Well Read John Sutherland
A very personal guide to the best novels ever
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Dreaming To Some Purpose Colin Wilson
Inside the Outsider - Colin Wilson returns to the subject of his million-selling book
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The Several Lives of Joseph Conrad
The Several Lives of Joseph Conrad John Stape
Published to mark the 150th anniversary of his birth, The Several Lives of Joseph Conrad is a brilliant and highly readable biography of a literary figure of world-wide reputation.
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P.G. Wodehouse: A Life in Letters
P.G. Wodehouse: A Life in Letters P.G. Wodehouse
The collected letters of England's best-loved comic writer
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Betjeman A.N. Wilson
The Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller 'A joy to read and re-read - the perfect match of author and subject' Hugh Massingberd, 'Books of the Year', Spectator
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It's a Wonderful Word
It's a Wonderful Word Albert Jack
Did you know that an assassin is a hashish-eater and a yokel a country woodpecker? That Dr Mesmer mesmerised patients back to health or that Samuel Pepys enjoyed a good game of handicap? While we’re at it, what have spondulics to do with spines or lawyers with avocadoes?
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