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A Little History of British Gardening
A Little History of British Gardening Jenny Uglow
A new edition, with new material, of this hugely popular romp through British gardening from the stone-age to today. Thoroughly engaging, immensely successful, beautifully packaged.
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A Man of Good Hope
A Man of Good Hope Jonny Steinberg
A powerful look at the impact of the Somali civil war on one man, who, having lost everything, refused to give up hope.
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A New Green History Of The World
A New Green History Of The World Clive Ponting
Clive Ponting's bestselling study of man's despoliation of the planet - now completely revised and updated.
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A People's History Of Britain Rebecca Fraser
A dazzling one-volume history of Britain, which is both narrative and anecdotal.
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A Portrait Of Leni Riefenstahl Audrey Salkeld
More than a biography of one of the legendary film-makers of the twentieth century - now in her nineties - this book brilliantly analyses Riefenstahl's motives as a pioneer in silent movies, as a protege of Hitler's Nazi propoganda campaign in the 1930s, and her plunge into new realms of dangerous adventure sports in her old age.
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A Rose For Winter
A Rose For Winter Laurie Lee
'He writes like an angel, and conveys the pride and vitality of the humblest Spanish life with unfailing sharpness, zest and humour' SUNDAY TIMES
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A Royal Affair
A Royal Affair Stella Tillyard
The acclaimed, bestselling author of ARISTOCRATS returns with a stunning, major new book about a scandal-ridden family trapped between duty, desire and the protocols of royalty - the dramatic story of a king trying to hold family and state together, as both his siblings and his American colonies rebel... A sweeping picture of 18th-century royalty, politics and family affairs, impeccably researched, with glamorous settings, driving narrative, dazzling characters and provocative ideas.
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A Spy Named Orphan
A Spy Named Orphan Roland Philipps
A gripping tale of betrayal and counter-betrayal that tells the story of the most enigmatic member of the Cambridge spy ring – Donald Maclean.
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A Tale Of Love And Darkness
A Tale Of Love And Darkness Amos Oz
Tragic, comic and incomparable: an autobiographical epic and a comedie humaine for our times, which is both the portrait of an artist and the story of the birth of a nation, spanning several generations and moving with them from Russia, Lithuania, the Ukraine, to Jerusalem.
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A Train in Winter
A Train in Winter Caroline Moorehead
A moving and extraordinary book about courage and survival, friendship and endurance - a portrait of ordinary women who faced the horror of war together
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A Tudor Christmas
A Tudor Christmas Alison Weir, Siobhan Clarke
Allow Alison Weir and Siobhan Clarke to guide you through a Tudor Christmas wonderland in this beautifully illustrated gift book
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A Very British Killing
A Very British Killing A. T. Williams
Winner of the Orwell Prize for Political Writing 2013 This is the true story of a murder that sums up the stink of invading Iraq and why the Iraq story is far from over.
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A Walk in the Park
A Walk in the Park Travis Elborough
Take a brilliantly entertaining walk through the history of the park with ‘one of Britain’s finest pop cultural historians’ (Guardian)
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A War of Choice: Honour, Hubris and Sacrifice
A War of Choice: Honour, Hubris and Sacrifice Jack Fairweather
The remarkable, true story of Britain's role in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, by an award-winning journalist.
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A World by Itself
A World by Itself Jonathan Clark
A magisterial new one-volume history of the British Isles from the Romans to the present day, by six of our most prestigious and engaging historians.
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A Writer At War
A Writer At War Vasily Grossman
A WRITER AT WAR offers the one outstanding eye-witness account of the war on the Eastern Front and perhaps the best descriptions ever of what Grossman called 'the ruthless truth of war'.
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Across Many Mountains
Across Many Mountains Yangzom Brauen
A Tibetan Wild Swans. The story of a grandmother, mother and daughter who have loved and lost one of the most extraordinary countries in the world.
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AD 381
AD 381 Charles Freeman
A provoking - and timely - examination of one of the most important moments in Church history.
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Affirming Isaiah Berlin
The fourth and final volume of Isaiah Berlin’s much admired letters
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After Daybreak
After Daybreak Ben Shephard
Triumph or disaster? After Daybreak brilliantly investigates the emergency operation following the British liberation of Belsen.
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After Such Knowledge Eva Hoffman
An important and timely book on the legacy of the Holocaust from a world-renowned commentator on the subject.
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