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Ancestors Frank Ching
A living history of China told through the story of one remarkable family
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Buy Me the Sky
Buy Me the Sky Xinran
Xinran shares fascinating true stories of the impact of the single-child policy on whole generations of Chinese young people today
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Everest - The First Ascent
Everest - The First Ascent Harriet Tuckey
An extraordinary untold story from the first ascent of Everest
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In the Valley of Mist
In the Valley of Mist Justine Hardy
Does for Kashmir what The Bookseller of Kabul did for Afghanistan, now in paperback
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Last Night I Dreamed of Peace
Last Night I Dreamed of Peace Dang Thuy Tram
An extraordinary diary from 'The Vietnamese Anne Frank', now in paperback
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Man's Search For Meaning
Man's Search For Meaning Viktor E Frankl
A handsome gift edition of one of the seminal pieces of literature to emerge from the Second World War: Viktor Frankl's moving account of his experiences in Auschwitz.
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No Wall Too High
No Wall Too High Xu Hongci
The very rare, true story of resilience, courage and escape from Mao’s infamous Chinese labour camps.
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The Choice
The Choice Edith Eger
The incredible, bestselling memoir of survival, hope and empowerment
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The Keys To Avalon
The Keys To Avalon Steve Blake & Scott Lloyd
The first ever book to provide a substantiated geographical setting for the Arthurian legacy, debunking accepted theories about Dark Age Britain
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The Lost Legend Of Arthur
The Lost Legend Of Arthur Steve Blake & Scott Lloyd
The ultimate Arthurian book, using ancient sources and ground-breaking research to reveal the historical truth about Arthur
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The New Koreans
The New Koreans Michael Breen
There can hardly be a country in modern Asia that we need to know more about. This book, written by an expert, explains the history, the business and the culture of South Korea, and where its future lies.
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The Noodle Maker of Kalimpong
The Noodle Maker of Kalimpong Gyalo Thondup, Anne F. Thurston
A unique piece of history: the inside story of how the Dalai Lama struggled to hold on to Tibet as revealed by his older brother, Gyalo Thondup
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The Twilight Of Atheism
The Twilight Of Atheism Alister McGrath
This bold and provocative book on what went wrong with the Atheists' dream is now available in paperback
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