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The State And Revolution
The State And Revolution Vladimir Lenin
This translation by acclaimed historian Robert Service is faithful to the style of Lenin's original work, while his introduction discusses the writing and publication of The State and Revolutionand the many interpretations of it since. This edition also contains a glossary.
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Leviathan Thomas Hobbes
This new Penguin Classics edition has a fully revised text and a major new introduction by Christopher Brooke.
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The Bounty Mutiny
The Bounty Mutiny William Bligh, Edward Christian, Bligh William, Christian Edward
The names William Bligh, Fletcher Christian, and the Bounty have excited the popular imagination for more than two hundred years. The story of this famous mutiny has many beginnings and many endings but they all intersect on an April morning in 1789 near the island known today as Tonga.
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The Conquest Of New Spain
The Conquest Of New Spain Bernal Diaz, Bernal Diaz del Castillo
Vivid, powerful and absorbing, this is a first-person account of one of the most startling military episodes in history: the overthrow of Montezuma's doomed Aztec Empire by the ruthless Hernan Cortes and his band of adventurers.
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The War With Hannibal
The War With Hannibal Livy, Titus Livy
In The War with Hannibal, Livy (59 BC-AD 17) chronicles the events of the Second Punic War between Rome and Carthage, until the Battle of Zama in 202 BC. 
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Murder Trials
Murder Trials Cicero
Cicero's speeches 'In Defence of Sextus Roscius of Amerina,' 'In Defence of Aulus Cluentius Habitus,' 'In Defence of Gaius Rabirius,' 'Note on the Speeches in Defence of Caelius and Milo,' and 'In Defence of King Deiotarus' provide insight into Roman life, law, and history.
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