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A Broken World
A Broken World
Edited by the bestselling author of Birdsong and Dr Hope Wolf, this is an original and illuminating non-fiction anthology of writing on the First World War.
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Shopgirls Pamela Cox, Annabel Hobley
'As packed with good things as the Peter Jones sale' Daily Telegraph True stories of friendship, triumph and hardship from behind the counter.
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Perfume: A Century of Scents
Perfume: A Century of Scents Lizzie Ostrom
The incredible stories of 100 perfumes in all their fragrant glory – ten lovingly chosen scents for each decade of the twentieth century.
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Ancient Worlds
Ancient Worlds Michael Scott
Ancient history for our globalised age: an epic odyssey over 900 years, taking us from the Mediterranean to India and China, taking in the birth of modern politics in Greece and Rome, the building of great empires by war and conquest, and the rise of the world’s great religions.
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Caught in the Revolution
Caught in the Revolution Helen Rappaport
The dramatic, world-shaking story of the Russian Revolution told from an entirely new perspective - through the eye-witness accounts of foreign nationals in Petrograd who witnessed history being made on the streets around them.
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The Benn Diaries
The Benn Diaries Tony Benn
The published diaries of one of Britain's most famous politicians. A fascinating insight into twentieth century British politics.
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Salamis Barry Strauss
The story of the greatest naval battle of the ancient world.
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The Trojan War
The Trojan War Barry Strauss
Non-fiction thriller about the infamous Ancient War
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For All the Tea in China
For All the Tea in China Sarah Rose
In the 1850s, stealing the secret of China tea was like stealing the secret formula for Coca-Cola
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After Mandela
After Mandela Alec Russell
The definitive book on post-apartheid South Africa from an award-winning journalist
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To Save a People
To Save a People Alex Kershaw
The epic and heroic story of how Raoul Wallenberg saved more than 100,000 Hungarian Jews from the death camps
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From A Clear Blue Sky
From A Clear Blue Sky Timothy Knatchbull
A powerful survivor's account of the IRA bomb that killed the author's 14-year-old twin brother, his grandparents and a family friend
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Panama Fever
Panama Fever Matthew Parker
The brilliantly ambitious, epic story of a thirty-year battle against the elements, disease, impossible terrain and massive financial collapse to create one of the most extraordinary engineering feats in world history.
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The Victorians
The Victorians A.N. Wilson
'Rarely have author and subject been found in such deep and contented harmony- Wilson's tour de force' Robert McCrum, 'Books of the Year', Observer
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The Ring and the Crown
The Ring and the Crown Alison Weir, Kate Williams, Sarah Gristwood, Tracy Borman
As the wedding of William and Kate approaches, this book takes an informative and entertaining look at royal weddings through English history
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Reagan and Thatcher
Reagan and Thatcher Richard Aldous
An iconic friendship, an uneasy alliance—a revisionist account of the couple that ended the cold war
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Littlejohn's Lost World
Littlejohn's Lost World Richard Littlejohn
One of Britain’s most successful, controversial columnists looks back on his childhood and how we got from there to here.
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The American Civil War
The American Civil War John Keegan
This major and long-awaited work is the definitive history of the American Civil War by our greatest military historian.
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First World War John Keegan
John Keegan's The First World War is already established as the classic single volume history of the conflict. This large format edition gives an illustrative treatment both of the political and historical issues of the war, and of the experience of fighting it throughout the world on land, at sea and in the air.
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Charlemagne Derek Wilson
I cannot praise too highly Derek Wilson's prose style, which is both masterful and lively. He writes with great conviction and a breathtaking attention to the kind of personal detail that makes his books such compelling reading.' Alison Weir
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The Elizabethans
The Elizabethans A.N. Wilson
The acknowledged master of the all-encompassing single volume of history demonstrates the profound impact the Elizabethan age has had on contemporary Britain.
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A Journey
A Journey Tony Blair
The memoirs of Tony Blair - a worldwide publishing sensation
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A Winter on the Nile
A Winter on the Nile Anthony Sattin
Florence Nightingale, Gustave Flaubert and the temptations of Egypt
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St Petersburg
St Petersburg Jonathan Miles
From Peter the Great to Putin: this is an unforgettable epic history of three centuries of St Petersburg, one of the most magical, menacing and influential cities in the world.
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