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A Nurse and Mother
A Nurse and Mother Evelyn Prentis
The third Sunday Times bestseller from the author of A Nurse in Time, a nostalgic memoir of nursing and motherhood at the end of World War 2
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A Nurse in Action
A Nurse in Action Evelyn Prentis
A nostalgic nurse's memoir for fans of Nurse and Call and Yes Sister, No Sister, sequel to A Nurse in Time (March 2011)
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A Visitor's Companion to Tudor England
A Visitor's Companion to Tudor England Suzannah Lipscomb
A fascinating look inside the world of the Tudors, through the places they knew
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Adventures on the High Teas
Adventures on the High Teas Stuart Maconie
The Sunday Times bestselling author is back and in search of Middle England
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Behind The Lines
Behind The Lines Andrew Carroll
A powerful collection of war letters from around the world
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Beyond Band of Brothers
Beyond Band of Brothers Dick Winters, Cole C. Kingseed
The remarkable story of the Band of Brothers, told by its commanding officer
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Boardwalk Empire
Boardwalk Empire Nelson Johnson
The original book that inspired Boardwalk Empire, the award-winning, prohibition-era HBO series from Martin Scorsese and the producers of The Sopranos
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Boudica Vanessa Collingridge
A vividly written and intensely researched new biography of an iconic figure in British history
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Brothers in War
Brothers in War Michael Walsh
Eight brothers went to fight for Queen and Country in the Great War - only three would return alive...
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Can't Stop Won't Stop
Can't Stop Won't Stop Jeff Chang
From the streets of the Bronx to the hills of Ghana, this is the definitive history of hip-hop - now in mass market paperback
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Churchill in His Own Words
Churchill in His Own Words Winston S. Churchill
A rich and valuable portrait of Winston Churchill and his age, in the great man's own words
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Codebreakers James Wyllie, Michael McKinley
The remarkable story of a small group of codebreakers and their essential work that helped win the First World War
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Dickens's Victorian London
Dickens's Victorian London Alex Werner, Tony Williams
Major tie-in to the Museum of London’s largest ever exhibition, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Dickens’ birth
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Don't Forget to Write
Don't Forget to Write Pam Hobbs
A warm-hearted tale of everyday survival, against a backdrop of evacuation and bombs
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Entertaining Eric
Entertaining Eric Maureen Wells
The charming wartime love story of Maureen, a Wren, and her boyfriend Eric, told through her letters to him as he fought abroad during World War II
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Extreme Rambling
Extreme Rambling Mark Thomas
Bestselling author Mark Thomas finds a very British way to try to comprehend the Middle Eastern problem
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Fantasyland Kurt Andersen
The New York Times bestseller and Amazon.com #1 bestselling post-truth history of America
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Forgotten Voices Desert Victory
Forgotten Voices Desert Victory Julian Thompson
A gripping account of the significant Second World War Allied victory: the Western Desert Campaign
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Forgotten Voices of Burma
Forgotten Voices of Burma Julian Thompson
A remarkable new oral history of the World War 2 conflict in Burma
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Forgotten Voices of D-Day
Forgotten Voices of D-Day Roderick Bailey
A startling new oral history of the turning point of World War Two: D-Day
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Forgotten Voices of Dunkirk
Forgotten Voices of Dunkirk Joshua Levine
A powerful oral history of the evacuation of Dunkirk
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Forgotten Voices of the Blitz and the Battle For Britain
Forgotten Voices of the Blitz and the Battle For Britain Joshua Levine
A landmark oral history - the latest in the bestselling and award-winning Forgotten Voices series.
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Forgotten Voices of the Falklands
Forgotten Voices of the Falklands Hugh McManners
The definitive oral history of a unique but often overlooked conflict - the Falklands War
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Forgotten Voices Of The Great War
Forgotten Voices Of The Great War Max Arthur
A landmark book using unique Imperial War Museum archive material, in which the story of WWI is told in the words of the men who were there.
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