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The Lives of the Famous and the Infamous
The Lives of the Famous and the Infamous
All you need to know about anyone who mattered from the highly respected and very popular current affairs magazine, The Week
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Letters to Change the World
Letters to Change the World
A collection of some of the most politically and socially inspiring letters that have helped change the world and the way we see it
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The Gladiator Alan Baker
A vivid and gripping portrait of the Roman empire's heroic warrior slaves
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Green Gold
Green Gold Alan Macfarlane, Iris Macfarlane
The definitive history of the world's favourite drink
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Dickens's Victorian London
Dickens's Victorian London Alex Werner, Tony Williams
Major tie-in to the Museum of London’s largest ever exhibition, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Dickens’ birth
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Behind The Lines
Behind The Lines Andrew Carroll
A powerful collection of war letters from around the world
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Where Did It All Go Right?
Where Did It All Go Right? Andrew Collins
A feel-good memoir for the Friends Reunited generation
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Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now Andrew Collins
Does for the adolescent and student experience what Where Did It All Go Right? did for childhood
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Prisoner Of War
Prisoner Of War Charles Rollings
A vast survey of allied Second World War POWs told in the words of those that were there, in the tradition of the bestselling Forgotten Voices series
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Vietnam Christian G. Appy
The definitive oral history of the Vietnam conflict featuring civilians, soldiers, protesters, journalists, survivors, exiles and refugees from all sides
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How We Saw It Christopher Howse
Published to tie in with the Daily Telegraph's 150th anniversary celebrations
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I Never Knew That About the River Thames
I Never Knew That About the River Thames Christopher Winn
An intriguing miscellany of fascinating facts about the River Thames and its environs, in bestselling format
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The Tony Years
The Tony Years Craig Brown
A unique and hilarious take on Britain under the rule of our dear departed Prime Minister from acclaimed journalist and parodist Craig Brown
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Parachute Infantry
Parachute Infantry David Webster
The remarkable memoir that inspired Band of Brothers …
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Beyond Band of Brothers
Beyond Band of Brothers Dick Winters, Cole C. Kingseed
The remarkable story of the Band of Brothers, told by its commanding officer
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My War Diary 1914-1918
My War Diary 1914-1918 Ethel M. Bilbrough
Life on the Home Front during the Great War, as Ethel Bilbrough, a housewife from Chislehurst in Kent, saw it
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With the Old Breed
With the Old Breed Eugene B Sledge
The amazing and moving WW2 memoir, on which the epic Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg series The Pacific is based
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Matron at Last
Matron at Last Evelyn Prentis
A nostalgic nurse's memoir in the bestselling vein of Call the Midwife and Nurse on Call
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A Nurse and Mother
A Nurse and Mother Evelyn Prentis
The third Sunday Times bestseller from the author of A Nurse in Time, a nostalgic memoir of nursing and motherhood at the end of World War 2
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A Nurse in Action
A Nurse in Action Evelyn Prentis
A nostalgic nurse's memoir for fans of Nurse and Call and Yes Sister, No Sister, sequel to A Nurse in Time (March 2011)
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We Remember D-Day
We Remember D-Day Frank Shaw, Joan Shaw
Over 130 personal recollections of D-Day from those who took part, on land, sea and air, in the successful invasion of occupied Europe
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We Remember the Battle of Britain
We Remember the Battle of Britain Frank Shaw, Joan Shaw
True-life recollections from the Battle of Britain, filled with humour, courage and the realities of war
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We Remember the Blitz
We Remember the Blitz Frank Shaw, Joan Shaw
Memories of the Blitz from throughout Britain, a tribute to our cheerful resilience
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