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102 Minutes
102 Minutes Jim Dwyer, Kevin Flynn
A massive New York Times bestseller: the untold true story of the fight to survive inside the twin towers on 9/11; the blackest day in living memory.
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8 out of 10 Brits
8 out of 10 Brits Charlie Croker
A light-hearted, whistlestop tour of today's Britain, done entirely through statistics and survey results
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A Fiery & Furious People
A Fiery & Furious People James Sharpe
From murder to duelling, highway robbery to mugging, a compelling exploration of seven centuries of violence in England.
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A History Of God
A History Of God Karen Armstrong
The bestselling and seminal work from one of our foremost commentators on religion.
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A Journey
A Journey Tony Blair
The memoirs of Tony Blair - a worldwide publishing sensation
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A Pacifist At War
A Pacifist At War Ray Jenkins
An extraordinary first-hand story of leading the wartime resistance in France.
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A Test Of Time
A Test Of Time David Rohl
The Bible from myth to mystery
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A Woman In Charge
A Woman In Charge Carl Bernstein
Carl Bernstein's acclaimed biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most revealing and balanced portrait yet of the woman poised to become the 44th President of the United States.
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After The Victorians
After The Victorians A.N. Wilson
Follow-up to the bestselling The Victorians in which A. N. Wilson tells the story of the 'Decline and Fall' of Britain.
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Always By My Side
Always By My Side Christina Schmid
A powerful and inspiring story of a war widow’s determination to fulfill the promise she’d made to her husband in the likelihood of his death
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Armies Of God
Armies Of God Dominic Green
From the writer of the critically acclaimed The Double Life of Doctor Lopez comes the epic nineteenth-century tale of the rise and fall of the world's three most powerful empires
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Back to Work
Back to Work President Bill Clinton
Essential reading on the global economy from former US President, Bill Clinton
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Barbara Cartland's Etiquette Handbook
Barbara Cartland's Etiquette Handbook Barbara Cartland
Full of charm and wit, Barbara Cartland's Etiquette Handbook is as delightful now as when it first appeared in 1962
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Becoming Queen
Becoming Queen Kate Williams
The astonishing story of Queen Victoria's passionate youth, her bitter struggle with her mother - and how her life was shaped by the life of her forgotten cousin, Princess Charlotte, the Queen who never was.
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Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors Hugo Vickers
The tragic, untold story of the Duchess of Windsor
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Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton Nigel Hamilton
The second volume in the critically acclaimed biography of Bill Clinton
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Black Klansman
Black Klansman Ron Stallworth
The extraordinary true story of the black detective who goes undercover to investigate the KKK
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Bloody Heroes
Bloody Heroes Damien Lewis
From the top ten bestselling author of Operation Certain Death comes the true story of extraordinary comradeship and brotherhood in battle in Afghanistan
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Brief Lives
Brief Lives Paul Johnson
A unique and entertaining insight into the last 50 years of our history through its most famous faces, by a man who knew everyone
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Brothers In Arms Peter Duffy
The amazing true story of the three brothers who built a city hidden in the middle of the Belorussian forest to save Jews from the invading Nazis.
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