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Crashed Adam Tooze
The definitive story of the Great Financial Crisis and how it continues to haunt our lives.
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Churchill Andrew Roberts
The blockbuster biography of the greatest Briton, by one of Britain's bestselling historians.
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Promised You A Miracle: UK80-82
Promised You A Miracle: UK80-82 Andy Beckett
Leading us into these years of brittle optimism and upheaval, Andy Beckett asks why Britain changed so rapidly and fundamentally; what it felt like to be part of this convulsive change - or to be left behind; and how people were swept up in it, sometimes without realising. Yet the effects of this revolution would ripple outwards, across the world - and we are still living with the consequences, happily or otherwise.
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Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine, 1921-33
Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine, 1921-33 Anne Applebaum
Red Famine, a triumph of scholarship and human sympathy, is a milestone in the recovery of those memories and that history.
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Money in Ancient India
Money in Ancient India Arshia Sattar
Even in ancient India, money is always a good thing and everyone wants it. The stories in The Mouse Merchant—selected from the Sanskrit universe, from the period of the late Rig Veda to the twelfth century—tell us how money was dealt with in everyday life in ancient and medieval Indian society.
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Britain's Europe
Britain's Europe Brendan Simms
The essential book for understanding the history of Britain's place in Europe, from the Middle Ages to the present day.
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Hero Of The Empire
Hero Of The Empire Candice Millard
From The New York Times bestselling author, the gripping story of Winston Churchill's exploits in the Boer War.
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Lenin On The Train
Lenin On The Train Catherine Merridale
A gripping account of how, in the depths of the First World War, Russia's greatest revolutionary was taken in a 'sealed train' across Europe and changed the history of the world.
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Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher Charles Moore
Charles Moore's bestselling and definitive biography of Britain's first female Prime Minister reaches its climax with the story of her zenith and her fall.
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The Secret World
The Secret World Christopher Andrew
A stupendous history of intelligence, its uses and its neglect - by the world's leading historian of intelligence.
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The Penguin History Of Modern Vietnam
The Penguin History Of Modern Vietnam Christopher Goscha
The first history for a general audience of one of Asia's most fascinating and complex countries.
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Japan Story
Japan Story Christopher Harding
A magical cultural history of modern Japan.
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How To Plan A Crusade
How To Plan A Crusade Christopher Tyerman
Thousands left their homelands in the Middle Ages to fight wars abroad. But how did the Crusades actually happen? From recruitment propaganda to raising money, ships to siege engines, medicine to the power of prayer, this vivid, surprising history shows holy war - and medieval society - in a new light.
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Charles II
Charles II Clare Jackson
Encompassing events from the Fire of London to the Dutch wars, and drawing on the many depictions of Charles from Pepys to popular novels, this is a study of kingship as the ultimate performance.
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Cities Of The Classical World
Cities Of The Classical World Colin McEvedy
A fascinating illustrated history of the most important cities of antiquity, from Alexandria to York.
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