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The Virgin In The Garden
The Virgin In The Garden A S Byatt
'Large, complex, ambitious, humming with energy and ideas- a remarkable achievement' Iris Murdoch
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The Children's Book
The Children's Book A S Byatt
By the author of Possession, a marvellous, gripping, panoramic novel of family secrets, about predators and innocents, war and peace, art and society.
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Day A.L. Kennedy
Winner of the 2007 Costa Book Award
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A Rising Man
A Rising Man Abir Mukherjee
India, 1919. Captain Sam Wyndham is confronted with a highly charged case: a senior official has been murdered, and a note in his mouth warns the British to leave India – or else...
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A Necessary Evil
A Necessary Evil Abir Mukherjee
India, 1920. Captain Wyndham and Sergeant Banerjee of the Calcutta Police Force investigate the dramatic assassination of a Maharajahs son
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Smoke and Ashes
Smoke and Ashes Abir Mukherjee
Captain Sam Wyndham and his side-kick Surrender-not Banerjee return in this prize-winning historical crime series set in 1920s Calcutta, India.
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The Quickening Maze
The Quickening Maze Adam Foulds
Shortlisted for the 2009 Man Booker Prize
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Pieces Of Light
Pieces Of Light Adam Thorpe
A fascinating fictional investigation into the resonance of the past, both personal and ancient.
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Nineteen Twenty-One Adam Thorpe
A twenties love story and his most commercial novel since Ulverton.
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The Rules Of Perspective
The Rules Of Perspective Adam Thorpe
Sixty years on: a great novel about the end of World War II - an acclaimed, riveting and moving masterpiece.
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Hodd Adam Thorpe
The brilliant new novel from a truly great writer - a return in style to his great novel Ulverton. Hodd is an historical novel which thrillingly uncovers the real story of Robin Hood.
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Thursbitch Alan Garner
Keynote/Publisher's Comment'Magnificent-A powerful and deeply felt narrative-Thursbitch resonates with liminal, potent songs' Financial Times
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The Folding Star
The Folding Star Alan Hollinghurst
'An extraordinary book which takes the reader into a world of obsession and mystery...The Folding Star is lit by insight and humour' Evening Standard
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Roots Alex Haley
The radical, Pulitzer Prize-winning account of Alex Haley's own twelve-year search for his family's origins: a powerful memoir, a history of slavery and a landmark in African-American literature.
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The View From Castle Rock
The View From Castle Rock Alice Munro
‘Alice Munro has a strong claim to being the best fiction writer now working in North America.… She is speaking to you and to me right here, right now.’ Jonathan Franzen
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No Great Mischief Alistair MacLeod
Winner of the International Impac Dublin Literary Award 'A brilliant and haunting novel' Daily Mail
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Death Of A Monk
Death Of A Monk Alon Hilu
A remarkable historical novel with all the hallmarks of an international classic in the making.
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The House of Rajani
The House of Rajani Alon Hilu
A rich, disturbing historical novel about the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict
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Sudden Death
Sudden Death Álvaro Enrigue
A funny and mind-bending novel about the clash of empires and ideas in the sixteenth century, told over the course of one dazzling tennis match
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Balthasar's Odyssey
Balthasar's Odyssey Amin Maalouf
'Sparkling and erudite, this is a wonderful novel' Independent
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