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Bryant & May and the Memory of Blood
Bryant & May and the Memory of Blood Christopher Fowler
Bryant and May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit investigate the baffling death of a child and what appears to be a murderous puppet...
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Bryant and May Off the Rails (Bryant and May 8)
Bryant and May Off the Rails (Bryant and May 8) Christopher Fowler
British fiction's most enigmatic detectives since Holmes and Watson return in their eighth wickedly entertaining and intriguing investigation...
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By Force Of Arms
By Force Of Arms James Nelson
The first in his enthralling REVOLUTION AT SEA series, set during America’s War of Independence
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Caligula Douglas Jackson
A major new historical epic - in the tradition of Conn Iggulden.
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Call of the Curlew
Call of the Curlew Elizabeth Brooks
A gorgeous, atmospheric debut novel of secrets and fateful decisions, set in the Essex marshes.
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Chains Of Albion
Chains Of Albion Edwin Thomas
Reluctant hero Martin Jerrold returns in his second swashbuckling adventure in the vein of Flashman and Sharpe.
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Claudius Douglas Jackson
A gripping and visceral novel of the Roman invasion of Britain, for fans of Conn Iggulden and Simon Scarrow.
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Company Of Spears
Company Of Spears Allan Mallinson
On the plains of South Africa, Matthew Hervey and the Light Dragoons confront the savage Zulus.
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Crippen John Boyne
The spectacular third novel from the bestselling author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.
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Crooked Heart
Crooked Heart Lissa Evans
From the bestselling author of Old Baggage, longlisted for the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction, 2015.
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Dance With A Poor Man's Daughter Pamela Jooste
The funny, sad, exotic, colourful world of the Cape Coloureds as told through the eyes of an eleven-year-old girl.
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Dark Age
Dark Age James Wilde
The bestselling author of the Hereward novels continues his epic telling of the story of the origins of the Pendragon bloodline and what would become the most enduring of all legends - of Arthur, King of the Britons...
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Darkest Hour
Darkest Hour James Holland
The second novel in the highly commercial series featuring Sergeant Jack Tanner.
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Dear Teacher
Dear Teacher Jack Sheffield
The new novel in the highly successful Teacher, Teacher! series, perfect for fans of James Herriot and Gervase Phinn
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Defender of Rome
Defender of Rome Douglas Jackson
A master of his discipline rightly hailed as one of the best historical novelists writing today' Daily Express
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Dracul Dacre Stoker, J. D. Barker
Written by Bram Stoker's great grand-nephew and a bestselling dark thriller writer, and authorized by the Stoker Estate, Dracul is the prequel to perhaps the most celebrated and terrifying horror story of them all . . .
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Dreamers Of The Day
Dreamers Of The Day Mary Doria Russell
The stunning new historical novel from the bestselling author of A Thread of Grace and The Sparrow.
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Dreaming The Bull
Dreaming The Bull Manda Scott
Set in Iron-Age Britain and Imperial Rome, the second novel in the bestselling Boudica series.
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Dreaming The Hound
Dreaming The Hound Manda Scott, M C Scott
Set in Iron-Age Britain, the third magnificent story in the life of the world’s most famous warrior queen.
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Dreaming The Serpent Spear
Dreaming The Serpent Spear Manda Scott, M C Scott
The magnificent, heart-rending final novel of the world's most famous warrior queen.
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Educating Jack
Educating Jack Jack Sheffield
Another year of tears and laughter at Ragley-on-the-Forest Village School
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Enemy of Rome
Enemy of Rome Douglas Jackson
Bravery and brutality at the heart of a Roman Empire in the throes of bloody civil war - Gaius Valerius Verrens returns in the new historical novel from a writer to rank alongside Ben Kane and Simon Scarrow.
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Falling Freely, as If in a Dream
Falling Freely, as If in a Dream Leif G W Persson
The final part of Leif GW Persson's thrilling Story of a Crime sequence which centres around the unsolved murder of Swedish prime minister, Olaf Palme
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Far From Home
Far From Home Val Wood
A powerful saga set in England's north-east and the new frontiers of America by much-loved storyteller Val Wood, released now in a brand new package - if you like Katie Flynn and Dilly Court, you'll love this heartwarming story of triumph over adversity.
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