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A Crooked Rib
A Crooked Rib Judy Corbalis
A compelling novel based on the disastrous and scandalous marriage of New Zealand’s Governor Sir George Grey and his lively young wife, Eliza Lucy.
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A Secret Mind
A Secret Mind Kaye Kelly
A lively, moving novel that vividly recreates the 1880s: the harsh lives; the attitudes to madness and to drunkenness; and the strength of friendship and love.
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Anticipation Tanya Moir
This rich and darkly funny novel is about family history and the risk and power of knowledge.
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Belief Stephanie Johnson
An epic novel of love and religion that sweeps across New Zealand and America at the turn of the nineteenth century.
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Both Sides of the Moon
Both Sides of the Moon Alan Duff
A powerful novel by the author of Once Were Warriors, about a half caste and his Maori warrior ancestor, cast out of his tribe.
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Catching the Current
Catching the Current Jenny Pattrick
A terrific novel full of compelling events, vivid communities and the irresistible character of Conrad Rasmussen.
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Cross the River to Home
Cross the River to Home Kaye Kelly
An absorbing novel set in 1870s New Zealand about an impossible love between a half-Chinese woman a young immigrant.
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Drowning City
Drowning City Ben Atkins
A compelling noir novel, set in the 1930s, echoing elements of classic hardboiled fiction while foreshadowing contemporary ills.
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Heart of Coal
Heart of Coal Jenny Pattrick
A compelling sequel to the best-selling novel The Denniston Rose.
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I Am Always With You
I Am Always With You Philip Temple
Based on real events in Germany, this vividly told and deeply moving novel tells of one woman's love for a fellow artist, her struggle to survive the war and her desperation to keep alive the spirit of creativity.
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Katherine Mansfield's Short Stories
Katherine Mansfield's Short Stories Katherine Mansfield
The complete classic stories by New Zealand's most famous writer.
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La Rochelle's Road
La Rochelle's Road Tanya Moir
This is a story of settling in a new land, of hardship, resilience and of love.
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Landings Jenny Pattrick
Vivid and evocative, this is a moving novel of a unique time and place
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Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith Jenny Pattrick
Breathing life into our past.
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Magpie Hall
Magpie Hall Rachael King
A gripping and powerful new novel from the author of best-selling The Sound of Butterflies.
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Mr Allbones' Ferrets
Mr Allbones' Ferrets Fiona Farrell
An historical, pastoral, satirical, scientifical romance, with mustelids!
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Saltskin Louise Moulin
Colourful, haunting and lively, this is a compelling novel, weaving together the past and present.
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Skylark Jenny Pattrick
A lively, unconventional love story set amid real figures from 19th-century theatre, from the author of the best-selling The Denniston Rose.
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Sleeps Standing
Sleeps Standing Witi Ihimaera, Hemi Kelly
A little book containing so much: a novella, history, eyewitness reports, Maori translation, verse and images.
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Swimmers' Rope
Swimmers' Rope Stephanie Johnson
A powerful novel about friendship, guilt and sex and our changing notions of loyalty and culpability.
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The Book of Secrets
The Book of Secrets Fiona Kidman
Winner of the Fiction category of the New Zealand Book Awards in 1986.
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The Captive Wife
The Captive Wife Fiona Kidman
A prize-winning historical novel that has become a New Zealand classic.
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The Day She Cradled Me
The Day She Cradled Me Sacha De Bazin
A fascinating novel based on the life of the infamous baby farmer Minnie Dean, the only woman in New Zealand history ever to be hanged.
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The Denniston Rose
The Denniston Rose Jenny Pattrick
One of New Zealand's favourite and bestselling novels
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