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Murder in the Oval Library
Murder in the Oval Library C. M. Gleason
April 13, 1861: Rebel troops are across the Potomac River, only 800 feet from the White House and President Lincoln—but a murderer is even closer . . .
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The Choir Director
The Choir Director Carl Weber
“A lively mix of church politics and bedroom follies.” —Publishers Weekly SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber takes readers back to church—where preaching isn’t always enough . . .
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What A Gentleman Wants
What A Gentleman Wants Caroline Linden
Two strangers are swept into a sizzling, spellbinding world of daring deception and unexpected passion…
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Wild Ecstasy
Wild Ecstasy Cassie Edwards
Fate revealed their forbidden love. Passion allowed them to follow their hearts.
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White Fire
White Fire Cassie Edwards
A forbidden love, a lifelong passion, a destiny that won’t be denied…
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Death Comes To Kurland Hall
Death Comes To Kurland Hall Catherine Lloyd
As wedding bells chime in Kurland St. Mary, a motley group of visitors descends on the village—and with a murderer on the prowl, some of them may not be returning home…
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Death Comes To The School
Death Comes To The School Catherine Lloyd
In the English village of Kurland St. Mary, few things are worse than having one’s reputation besmirched. A struggling marriage is one. Murder is another . . .
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Murder at Morrington Hall
Murder at Morrington Hall Clara McKenna
Stella Kendrick is an all-American heiress who can't be tamed. But when the lively aspiring equine trainer tangles with British aristocracy, she meets her match-and a murderer . . .
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The Abolitionist's Daughter
The Abolitionist's Daughter DIANE C. MCPHAIL
In her sweeping debut, Diane C. McPhail offers a powerful, profoundly emotional novel that explores a little-known aspect of Civil War history-Southern Abolitionists-and the timeless struggle to do right even amidst bitter conflict.
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